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Mobile MMORPG World of Kings

3D Mobile MMORPG World of Kings starts pre-registration period!

3D mobile MMORPG World of Kings starts its pre-registration period and promises unique features when it launches later this month.
New Gunbound Cross-platform

New Gunbound sequel is in the works with cross-platform gameplay!

New Gunbound sequel to be released later this year in 10 countries with support for new cross-platform gameplay.
EA Apex legends mobile

EA is looking to bring Apex Legends from PC and console to China and...

EA is going all-in on Apex Legends, with the popular battle royale in advanced talks with China regarding the launching of its mobile version.
mmorpg Echo of Soul Mobile

Popular Korean PC MMORPG Echo of Soul RED gets a mobile adaptation

Popular Korean PC MMORPG Echo of Soul is coming to mobile as Echo of Soul RED with an innovative new gameplay feature.
MMORPG Rohan Mobile

MMORPG Rohan Mobile to launch in South Korea next month

PC MMORPG heavyweight Rohan will finally have its first mobile version in June 2019 in South Korea. Will a global release be announced as well?



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