Cabal Mobile –The Beginner’s Complete Guide To Heroes of Nevareth

The pull of nostalgic MMORPG games is real. It has proven time and again that players want to relive their glory days once again in their beloved titles. Cabal Online is no exception. With Cabal Mobile and the rise of mobile gaming, playing your favorite MMORPG has never been easier!


So you want to become one of the great heroes of Nevareth but don’t know where to begin your journey? Well, worry no more for this is a complete beginner’s guide to Cabal Mobile: Heroes of Nevareth! We’ll be discussing the basic information you must know and understand to get you on the right track as you start your journey in the game, character classes and which one suits you the best, and important game functions to learn and understand.


There are a number of playable classes in Cabal M. Each class has its own unique roles on the battlefield. We always advise testing each class first so you can decide which one ultimately fits your playstyle the best.

  • Warrior – Warriors are the de facto melee class of the game. Their main focus is physical strength above all else and prefers to wear heavy armor.

  • Blader – Swift and nimble, Bladers prefer attacks that hit swift and hit hard. Adept in the ancient eastern martial arts, they focus on speed and nimbleness.

  • Force Archer – Force Archers are the de facto ranged class of the game. They originated from the Wizard faction where they manipulated their crystals to become long-range weapons.

  • Force Shielder – Focusing more on defense than offense, Shielders are the tanks of the game, able to take huge amounts of damage and just shrug them off like it was nothing. They manifest their crystals as strong reliable shields.

  • Wizard – Wizards are the glass cannons of the game. Squishy but packs a brutal amount of AoE damage. They prefer to unleash AoE skills to swiftly take care of multiple enemies in one fell swoop. They use orb crystals to amplify their damage.

  • Force Blader – These individuals use both crystal energy and physical prowess, manipulating both to cripple their enemies with various debuffs.

  • Gladiator – Gladiators use their rage and anger as fuel for their unstoppable attacks. They prefer to be more physical on the battlefield favoring chakrams as weapons to apply brutal damage to their enemies.

  • Force Gunner – adept at using both force and machines, this long-range class can maximize their damage by augmenting their astral weapon using their knowledge of crystals amplified by their love for technology.


The user interface in Cabal Mobile is basically the same as any mobile MMORPG with some slight modifications to accommodate Cabal Mobile’s unique skill and combo system.

  • Lower left is your joystick to move your character
  • Lower right is your attack buttons, dash, auto button, pick up loot, and battle mode.
  • Upper right is your mini-map, and above that are the quick menu buttons for the item shop, inventory, mailbox, community event, and main menu button (the one with the Cabal logo).
  • Upper left is your quest tracker and quest list, your HUD for HP and mana, as well as your current level
  • The bottom center is your chatbox, and below that is your quick slot bar for items and skills. And below that is your EXP bar and AXP bar.


Cabal Mobile has faithfully recreated the PC version’s equipment system. This means there are tons of gear you can equip, but we won’t go through all of those in this basic guide.

To equip a gear, tap the main menu button > equipment. Here you can check all the current gear you have on the right side. If the gear has a red highlight on it, it means you do not meet the required stats for that gear. Tapping a gear will automatically equip it. The equipped gear will be transferred to the left side, which means it is currently equipped. To remove it, just tap the gear again, and it will go back to your inventory.

To check other items miscellaneous items like potions, upgrade materials, etc. you can open your bag menu. Here you can equip potions, extract materials from unwanted gear, delete unwanted items, and sort your inventory.

To upgrade your gear, go to the main menu and tap upgrade. In the upgrade menu, select the gear you wish to upgrade. You will need to upgrade cores to proceed. You can also use enchant materials to safeguard your gear and prevent a grade drop. If you lack the necessary materials for an upgrade, there’s a quick buy menu where you can instantly buy the items you need to proceed in upgrading.

If an upgrade fails, do not worry, they are converted to upgrade points. The higher the points, the higher the success rate of the next upgrade will be.

To finalize, press the item upgrade button located down below the menu.


The pet system is a common feature now in most MMORPG games. Pets in Cabal will be your loyal companions throughout your journey in Nevareth. Different pets give different buffs. To summon a pet, go to the main menu > pet/mercenary. In the pet menu, you can equip a pet that you have by simply tapping the pet in your inventory. Once equipped, the bonus buffs of that pet will take effect.

You can upgrade your pet by going to the main menu > upgrade > pet training. In this menu, you can choose the pet you wish to upgrade. Once inserted in the slot, you’ll need a force core and money to upgrade the pet.


Questing in Cabal Mobile is fairly straightforward, simply tap a quest you want to do in the quest tracker and your character will automatically move to the target location.

If you are hunting for monsters, you can attack a target by tapping on them and then pressing the attack button (lower right). There’s also an auto-attack system you can utilize for those long grinding sessions where you need to take down a number of monsters of the same kind. Remember that this auto-attack system will only target monsters around your character.

For more information about quests, you can go to the main menu > Quests. Here you can check what’s in progress, the scenario quests for your character, and normal quests

The auto function in the game is quite extensive. You can check this by going to the main menu > settings > auto function. You can adjust everything under the auto-combat system and the auto-loot. There are also settings for the auto use of potions. Very handy for those scenarios that you can’t pay attention to everything that’s happening.


When your character levels up, it will be given 5 stat points. Open up the character information menu (upper left, tap your class icon beside your HP and mana bar).

You can allocate these stat points to STR, INT, or DEX. If you don’t know which stats you need for your class, you can automatically distribute the points you need to rank up by tapping the recommended button in the character menu. This will auto-set your currently unused stat points. Tap Confirm to finalize it.

If you changed your mind and want to reallocate those stat points, you can retrieve them if needed, but you will need an extract potion to do this.


To use a skill, you need to open the Skill menu. Navigate to this menu by going to the main menu button > skill.

Here, you’ll see the skills you currently have. To level up a skill, simply tap the skill and allocate a skill point on the bottom part of the menu. You can adjust the skill level you are using as well which is very useful when it seems like that specific skill is consuming too much mana or, the cooldown is taking longer compared to when its level was lower. This is a situational option that gives your character and you more control over how you play.

To register a skill to your action slot, tap the skill and then tap on the slot you wish to put it on on the right side of the screen. Each slot is numbered from 1 to 6. If you have 2 or more skills equipped in these slots, the skills will automatically activate in order of registration when used.

For example, if you have Magic Arrow on skill slot 1, and you have Power Shot in skill slot 2 when you use Magic Arrow, Power Shot will activate next. You can also toggle this feature off if you want. Skills can also be added to your quick slot menu (below the chatbox).

You can gain more skills by obtaining skill books. You can buy them from instructors in each town you visit. To do this, locate the instructor NPC and talk to them. You can then go to the buy skill book menu. Tap a skill you wish to buy. You can also find more info about the skill by doing this. Skills are divided into different types.

  • Attack Skills – skills that directly attack enemies.
  • Sub Skills – assisting skills that are useful during battle.
  • Upgrade skills – passive skills that are always in effect. Special and common skills are under passive skills.

Unlike in other MMORPG games, skills in cabal mobile gain EXP and level up. You can do this by constantly using them through attacking training dummies or enemies. You can check the skill EXP progress in the skills menu. When a skill ranks up, additional skill slots will open up.


Arguably one of the signature mechanics of Cabal Mobile, the skill combo system is what made this game so highly popular and engaging. When activated, your skills will be executed much faster but in exchange, you’ll need to properly time your taps in a quick time event.

To set up your skill combo, you’ll need to add skills to the 6 skill slots mentioned before in the skills menu. Once all set, you can execute your skill by tapping the combo button beside the attack button (lower right). Your character will now enter combo mode.

In combo mode, a bar at the top of the screen will appear. This is your combo gauge. To begin your combo, tap the attack button. After crossing the first success line (that one thin line in the combo bar), tap the attack button before the gauge expires. The closer your tap can get to the green bar at the farthest right, the more skill EXP you gain, and the more skill damage you unleash.


Cabal Mobile has a dungeon instance where you can get valuable materials and items. To participate, go to main menu > dungeons.

In this menu, you’ll see a list of available instances to join in. tap which one you wish to join and it will warp you to the dungeon location. If you’re not sure which ones are accessible to you, you can tap the “accessible dungeon” button located at the lower left.


The achievement system is a special menu where you can check certain tasks you can accomplish to gain rewards. There are multiple achievement categories in the game. You can check them by going to the achievement menu. Here you can check the details of each achievement, which one of them you haven’t done yet, which ones are already finished, and what rewards you get by accomplishing them.

There are also special achievement rewards called titles. Titles can be registered by players, once registered, they will be shown above your name. These titles give you special bonus buffs depending on what title you are currently using.