Diablo Immortal tips and tricks every beginner should know

Do you want to get the most out of your daily Diablo Immortal experience? We’ve got you, gamer! Diablo Immortal is a massive mobile RPG game worth being included in the long-running dungeon crawler franchise by Blizzard. Now that the new addition is on mobile, the game is now more accessible than ever to new and veteran fans. Despite its simple and easy-to-learn mechanics, the game still has that complexity every hardcore gamer wants in their RPG games. You might even say there’s a bit of a learning curve because there are tons of game features to discover! That’s where these top tips and tricks come into play as we listed down the things you need to know and do to fully maximize your Diablo Immortal experience!


AKG Games, official partner of Blizzard entertainment, gave us access to the game during the limited Alpha Test in Australia. They collaborated with smartphone brand Realme to provide us with a better gaming experience, and we can honestly say it did not disappoint. 

We used the Realme 8, giving us the chance to experience the full potential of Diablo Immortal in all its hellbent glory. Thanks to the Realme 8’s huge battery, we were able to play long hours full of monster hunting and world exploring, and coupled with its great specs, our gaming experience was very smooth. It was an absolute eye candy because it was able to run the game with all ultra settings enabled!

So, if you’re thinking of upgrading your current phone to cater to Diablo Immortal’s spec requirements, consider the Realme 8. A great bang for the buck phone that will suit all your mobile gaming needs! Now, onto the tips and tricks!

Don’t hesitate to try out all available classes to find which one fit your play style

Diablo Immortal offers a diverse batch of different classes and each one has its own strengths, weaknesses, playstyle, and utility. Do you like to be in the thick of combat? Choose melee classes like the Barbarian, Crusader, and Monk. Do you like to kill enemies from a safe distance? Demon Hunter and Wizard are for you. There is no best class in the game. It’s all up to you, the player, to make your character as strong as it can get. That’s why it’s important to test out which class you’ll enjoy the most. You don’t want to invest so much time in one class and regret it later on. Don’t forget, the game will introduce more character classes in the future so there’s plenty to look forward to.

Learn and understand your HUD to fully utilize all its features

Heads-Up Display or HUD is where all the quick information you need to know in a game is displayed. This includes your HP bar, minimap, quest list, and so on. Learning the functions of HUD is vital to make your time in Diablo Immortal easy and informative. For example, the quest list on the left side of the screen displays the current task you are involved in. It has a function to auto-path you to the quest location (unlockable higher levels), while the mini-map can be expanded so you can view the whole world map. You can also tap on specific areas on the map and use the teleport spots so you can instantly go to where you wish to. Understanding these functions and many more can make your gaming life easier so remember them and use them to their maximum potential.

Turn on auto pick-up loots in the settings menu

Diablo Immortal has an auto pick-up for loot, saving you a lot of time as well as giving you less stuff to worry about when you’re in the thick of battling hordes of monsters. To do this, go to the main menu > general > scroll down until you find “auto pick up” and then tick what rarity of gear you want to automatically be picked up (from normal to rare). By default, none of these options are enabled so we recommend ticking every rarity level as you’ll need all of the loot you can get to salvage for upgrade materials.

Test all your skills out to understand them better and come up with your own unique skill combos

One of the best things in Diablo Immortal is that you don’t need to worry about your skills and skill levels. Each skill unlocks and level-ups automatically as you progress through the game. All you need to do is equip them and test them out for yourself. No skill is the same in Diablo Immortal and the same goes for each class so aside from testing out character classes, you should test out the skills as well, get a good feel for them, and make your own combos that fit your situation – either clearing out monster waves or leaning into a more PVP oriented move set.

Don’t forget, legendary gear can alter your skill effects so remember to consider this. For example, a crusader’s shield charge will have an additional effect called shield circle when equipped with the right legendary gear. Hunt the legendary gear you want and need for these skill effects in the game and make your enemies fall before you one by one.

Adjust your target sensitivity according to your play style

Skill targeting sensitivity is a bit of a niche option and this highly varies from player to player. Nevertheless, this will help you enjoy the game more if you adjust it to the right amount you are comfortable in, especially for characters who do a lot of aiming skills like Demon Hunters and Wizards.  After all, you don’t want to be in a situation where you unleash a high damage aim skill only to make it miss because of too high sensitivity in the aiming controls. To adjust this, go to the main menu > controls > skill targeting > and here you can adjust the sensitivity bar from lowest to highest, left to right respectively.

Always check your codex to find out your current progress and available tasks 

The Codex is probably one of the most important features in the game as this is where you can keep track of all your progress throughout Diablo Immortal. Here you can check what you have already accomplished and what you have missed doing. These tasks and accomplishments are usually divided between each area throughout the world. You can also check if there are certain side quests or hidden accomplishments you have yet to discover if you just stuck with the main storyline. Of course, you can always go back and try to clear out all the tasks if you missed any. The game will give you rewards as well for every task you finish.

Do not hesitate to upgrade gear and gem slots as they carry over

One misconception in Diablo Immortal is that you need to upgrade your gear. This is not true because instead of the actual gear, you upgrade the gear slot. So if you swap to a better gear, the upgrade will just carry over. You don’t need to worry about upgrading again and again. This goes for anything upgradable in the game including gem slots. So once you have enough materials to upgrade, do so, Although we do recommend upgrading your weapons, helmet, and amulet slots first as these are the ones that carry your character’s main stats (INT for Wizard, STR for Barbarian, and so on).

You can get upgrading materials by visiting the local blacksmith in town and salvaging any loot you don’t use. This is also where tip number 3 becomes very handy.

Always do your daily bounty quests, boss dungeons, and challenge rifts

This goes without saying that you need to do your daily tasks and instances as much as possible. This is where the “mobile game” feels of the game kick in as Diablo Immortal has these features we usually see in other mobile MMORPG titles. We highly recommend not to skip these features because you’re going to miss out on many rewards and EXP. The daily bounty quests are a huge source of player experience making you level faster while challenge rift gives you a ton of rewards depending on the difficulty.

Use your monster essence for the bestiary immediately 

The Horadric Alter is a feature in Diablo Immortal that serves as a “monster codex” where you can track the different monsters you have defeated so far and learn more about their lore. It’s more commonly known as the bestiary. This feature will be unlockable when you get to the area called “Darkwood”. The bestiary is quite simple: Once you unlock it, every time you kill a monster a “monster essence” will drop. They look like orange-colored orbs that have a golden glow. Once you collect 10 pieces of these monster essences, you can submit them to the bestiary, which in return will give you tons of experience and some goodies to boot. There is no point keeping monster essences. Once you collect the required amount, submit them immediately to get that massive EXP boost that will help you level up faster.

The faster you level, the higher stats you get, and the more skills you unlock. Remember that these orbs drop randomly, so you don’t need to go hunting for specific monsters.

Don’t be afraid to ask the Diablo Immortal community about stuff you don’t quite understand yet

Diablo Immortal is simple and easy to understand but it also has layers of complexity on it that you’ll discover as you go deeper into the game. You will encounter events, quests, and situations that will often stump you, and might even frustrate you cause maybe you don’t know what to do next, or you’re having a hard time dealing with high-level monsters. This is where the community comes in. Do not be afraid to ask questions or ask for help from other players. The game is built as an MMORPG, and thus cooperation is key to overcoming the hurdles you’ll face in the game. Who knows, you might also meet new friends along the way.