Rules of Survival’s SEA League: Top Clans Reveals Plans for First Philippine Event

RoS Top Clans Arena

It’s confirmed! NetEase Games will be heading to the Philippines to bring the country’s first official international tournament for Rules of Survival: Top Clans. They released an official launch video in their page finally confirming the rumors.


For its fourth season, it’s rebranded into Top Clans Arena to commemorate its first live-event. The tournament was just launched earlier this year but it’s doubling their prize pool from last season to 15,000 USD.

NetEase promises an experience for their entire RoS community this October to November.

They will be rewarding four straight to finale slots to SEA standouts the past year. 

This means these squads do not need to go through a qualifier and will have a secured chance at the prize pool.

More details on the venue and finale teams are expected in the next weeks. You can get the news first in their FB page at Rules of Survival-Channel.