Meet the rising sentai of tokusatsu community in the Philippines: Raket Riders PH

Get inspired and release the Kamen Rider spirit in you with Raket Riders PH!

Just a fad or a legit trend? The truth about sexy cosplay from Lin...

What does being "sexy" really mean? Li Ling tries to defy stereotypes about sexy cosplayers.
Ragnarok Festival 2017

Ragnarok Festival 2017 excites fans ahead of Ragnarok Online relaunch

Long-time fans, cosplayers, celebrities, media personalities and gamers gathered at SM North EDSA Annex last May 7, 2017 as they celebrated the forthcoming comeback...

Toys, comics, cosplay, and everything in between: The TAGCOM 2017

Hundreds of gamers, enthusiasts, and hobbyists were treated to two days of fun and games at the Tagcom (Toys and Hobbies Convention) 2017!

Nopeys Man: Unmasking the mystery guy of digital art

Selfie here, selfie there. Today’s generation is so concerned in self-glorification that almost everything we post online is meant to attract attention. Say hello to Norman de Mesa, better known as Nopeys Man, the digital artist without a face.

Get to know the Yoda of the gaming world: Community leader and pro-gamer Justin...

Yoda of the gaming world: Community leader and pro-gamer Justin “Caladbolg” Limbo talks about the challenges of leading professional gamers.
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