TRENDING: Meet the Train to Busan Cosplayers at the Cosmania 2016

If Train to Busan showed how an apocalyptic event brings people together for better or for worse, this group of cosplayers came together to show how they can rock the hottest Korean zombie movie of the year at the recent Cosplay Mania 2016 on October 1-2 at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia.




Dale Perias as the workaholic father, Seok Woo and his kind-hearted daughter
Sita Rama Dasi Balingit as Soo-An.



Heart-tugging father and daughter moment



No zombie can come between the young love of Choi Woosik (Kichiro Ozawa) and Jin Hee (Kei Awliet).



Look around. Can you still see the pupils of that guy passing by? You’re fine.



Michael Gamurot as Sang Hwa and Jayson Busano Delos Reyes as Zombie



Damn this living dead is strong!



Here’s Seok Woo taking it on Yong Suk (Jello Custodio)




So there’s the Train to Busan group cosplayers for you! Dale Perias as Seok Woo, Sita Rama Dasi Balingit as Soo-An, Rasa Lila Balingit as Sung Gyeong, Michael Gamurot as Sang Hwa, Jello Custodio as Yong Suk, Kichiro Ozawa as Choi Woosik, Kei Awliet as Jin Hee, Mark Anthony Campollo as Stowaway, Jayson Busano Delos Reyes as Zombie, and Danica Dologdog as Zombie.

Faye Avilla also cosplayed as the older granny and Dana Asakura as the younger granny.

The group is still looking for people to cosplay Ki Chul (train attendant), conductor, first infected zombie on the train, zombie attendant, zombie baseball player, zombie soldier, and many many more zombies!

If interested, just look up Kie Awliet on Facebook and message her!

Catch them again on the second day of Animax Carnival Philippines on October 16, 2016 at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia.


Photo Credits to Mr. Helbert Rodriguez and Mr. Ivan Poquiz