Sunday, August 16, 2020
BDM - Stamina

Black Desert Mobile Guide: About Stamina and how to use it

Black Desert Mobile guide on how to use the Stamina system in various features inside the game.
BDM character customization

Black Desert Mobile: How to customize your character’s appearance to the fullest extent

Black Desert Mobile character customization guide, functions explained and how to use them to create a character unique to your own
Light of Thel Basic Guide

Light of Thel basic beginners guide plus the features that will increase your combat...

Light of Thel: Glory of Cepheus basic beginners guide plus the different ways you can increase your combat power in this brand new mobile MMORPG.
MT4 lost honor basic guide

The definitive and in-depth beginner’s guide to MT4 Lost Honor

Want to learn the basics of one of the newest mobile MMORPGs around? Then read our in-depth beginner’s guide to MT4 Lost Honor!
Ragnarok Origin Download

Ragnarok Origin (KR) OBT Is Finally Live! Here’s how to download and translate in...

Ragnarok Origin KR, a step by step guide on how to install and play the game even if you are outside South Korea plus how to translate the Korean texts.
WOD Combat power

World of Dragon Nest Guide: How to increase your CP (Combat Power)

World of Dragon Nest beginner's guide on the different ways to help you increase your Combat Power, and make you become a stronger player in-game.

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