Aura Kingdom 2: Beginner’s Guide And Tips For New Players

Aura Kingdom 2 Guide

Aura Kingdom 2, a brand new mobile MMORPG has finally launched. Starting off in the game can be quite daunting and confusing for some so we’ve made a basic beginner’s guide on how to start off in the game, basic navigations between the different features, and useful tips and tricks to start off your journey right.


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Background story

A huge conflict has begun with the Goddess, Ramayan who is facing a disaster that will extinguish humans and all other species from the world. But such an ending is too boring for her. For things to go along with her script, Ramayan decided to transform into a human and guide you, the Envoy of Gaia, to become the light of hope for this world. Together, you must go on a journey to defeat the awakened demons and save the world once again!

Aura Kingdom 2 Guide: Basic Tips


There are four playable classes in Aura Kingdom 2. Each has its own style of gameplay and forte when it comes to combat.

Shinobi – an agile dual-wielding assassin with a knack for swordplay and knowledge about poisons. They have a high crit rate and attack.

  • High crit rate
  • Excels in boss battles
  • Great in PvP

Dragoon – wields a spear/halberd for maximum damage. Dragoons excel in dealing high damage and have the ability to call forth the essence of dragons.

  • High HP
  • Can counter attacks
  • Can taunt enemies

Elementalist – magic specialists who wield the elements. They excel in different AoE skills and crowd control. They are a fairly balanced class with decent attack and defense.

  • Has stun
  • Great in guild war
  • Has healing abilities

Nymph – long-range fighters and the only gender-locked class. Just like the Shinobi, Nymphs have high crit and attack albeit they have a low defense; a trade-off for their ranged attacks.

  • Long-range attack
  • Excel in guild war
  • High agility

Character customization

Once you have chosen your class, you’ll move to the character customization feature. Here you can change your appearance and gender (except Nymph). Hairstyle, hair color, face, eye color, and skin tone each have 5 unique options to choose from. You can also preview skill animations of your chosen class in this section. Finally, a free head accessory will be given to you before you start your journey. Just to be clear, you can only choose head accessories and the rest is just for preview.

User interface

The user interface is your generic mobile MMORPG layout that takes almost 50% of your screen. Movement controls are located on the lower left, skills on the lower right. Character info, current combat power rate, and quest list in the upper left and menu bar on the upper right. The chatbox is located in the lower center of the screen. The menu bar can be collapsed to free your screen with less UI stuff.

Menu navigation

In the upper right section, you’ll see the menu button. By pressing the button, a list of features will drop down. Each feature has a different sub-menu. All these features will gradually be unlocked as you progress through the game.

  • Character – here you’ll find all the features pertaining to your sprite including skills, emblem, title, talent, costume, mount, class, and wings.
  • Item – here you will find the inventory, fuse, salvage, sell, and book of Ramayan.
  • Eidolons – The menu for Eidolons and forming Eidolon squads can be found here.
  • Equipment – anything to do with your gears can be found here which includes fortify, inlay, rank up, evolve, and reroll.
  • Social – here you can manage your friends, guild, and party. You can also see your current rank in the game.
  • Quest – here you can check on the story chapters and your achievements.
  • System – you can change the game’s option and tweak it to your liking through the settings menu, and check on your lottery.


Questing is quite easy to navigate since you’ll only need to tap the quest you want to do on the list and the Auto feature will do the rest. This includes navigation, kill execution, and potion consumption. Eidolons will automatically attack your intended target. There’s a switch aim button if you wanna focus on attacking something else. Although the majority is auto, some instances require a hands-on approach like little interactive scenarios in-between the grinding and going from point a to point b that these types of quests usually do. The main quests of the game are divided into chapters. Finishing each chapter will unlock new features in the game.


You can get mounts early on and will help you make your journey faster. You can have 20 mounts at a time. Leveling your mount gives it talent points that you can use to increase their stats. If you have a mount you don’t have a particular liking to, you can salvage them instead. If it’s a special mount that came from the gacha, it will revert back to its unawakened state. A mount can also inherit properties. These will give you bonus stats or buffs depending on the effect. Each mount can only have 3 properties. You can change these by means of inheriting property from another mount. Be warned, the property gained will be random and the source mount will be sacrificed if you decide to switch properties.


Eidolons are your spiritual partners in the game. They will help you throughout your journey and grow with you, making them one of the core features of Aura Kingdom 2. An Eidolon can pretty much be summed up as a pet of sorts only that they have different forms, human or creature. Interacting with your Eidolon can make your bonds stronger which in turn unlocks special features of that Eidolon. Making them stronger isn’t an easy feat but there are a number of options available to you like evolving them, fortifying, and giving them equipment. A level of an Eidolon cannot exceed your character’s level, so if let’s say you’re currently at level 15, your Eidolon can only reach level 15. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock the ability to form Eidolon squads. Once you get a full squad, Eidolons can perform combo moves that you need to trigger at the right timing.

Book of Ramayan

The book of Ramayan serves as your monster codex. Every creature you defeat in the game will be registered in the book and will give you bonus stats. Defeating multiple creatures of the same kind will unlock better bonus stats. You can check how much you need to defeat to achieve the next bonus stat by simply checking the book. As you defeat more and more creatures, bonus treasure will be given to you which can be seen on the right side of the Ramayan menu. It may sound grindy and it is but the book will also serve as another sort of sidequest when you’ve run out of stuff to do in the game.


Costumes make your character truly unique in the game. Make them stand out from the rest with different items and dresses. Choose the part of the costume on the top right, and then switch to your favorite costume in the inventory! Build your own unique character and change the design anytime! Every costume can be dyed into the color you like. Choose the costume you want to dye on the left, and then choose the color on the right. After picking the right color, press the confirm button to finish the step!

The guild system

An essential part of Aura Kingdom 2 is the guild system. It is vitally important that you join or create one since it has a lot of features to offer. To create one, all you need is 10,000 gold and a catchy name.

Aside from meeting new and old friends, you can participate in various guild exclusive modes like quests, guild war, territory war, and even celebrate and hang out in real-time inside your own guild base. Guild wars open every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday after 12:00 noon. If you’re in a level 6 guild, you will be automatically be matched with another guild.


By tapping the Events button located at the upper right screen, you will be able to see the various modes Aura Kingdom 2 has to offer. Each mode can be unlocked as you progress through the game. These include the dungeons, mercenary quests, PvP arena, bounty, and so on. You’ll always receive various side quests, but be sure to always progress through your main quests to unlock these modes and avoid missing out on the rewards they can potentially give.

Life skills

How to pick up your life skill

  1. Select “Generate” on the right side of the menu to open up three different types of games: Blacksmith, Alchemy, and Fishing.
  2. Choose and tap on “manually refine” to enter a specific map. A unique icon that generates materials will appear on the map, press the icon to start playing.
  3. Upon completion of all games, players will be awarded accessory blueprints and materials. Remember to have a go at these mini-games to enhance your character

Generating requests to get more materials:

  1.  At the bottom left of the Generate menu, press “Generate Request” to produce additional materials. Remember to put this function to good use for materials!
  2. Go down the list by selecting a scenario, materials to generate, and the total time needed to complete the request. Bring a friend along for extra materials!
  3. Once the request is complete, tap on the chest to collect rewards. Be on the lookout for a slight chance of finding a blueprint chest!

In-game achievements

Like any other mobile MMO, Aura Kingdom 2 has a number of achievements you can accomplish which in turn will give you game bonuses.

  1. You can find the Achieve icon from Menu > Quest > Achieve.
  2. There are “Achievement point” and “Rank” on the left of the Achieve table. You can receive an achievement point when you complete any achievement. Your rank raises when you reach enough Achievement point, the higher rank boosts different abilities.
  3. The number shown on the left are the points that you will get through the achievement. The point will claim and be added automatically once an achievement is completed.

There you have it! Remember, this guide covers the basics and the important features about Aura Kingdom 2 you need to know so your journey can start off on the right foot. But don’t worry, a lot of the advanced features down the road aren’t even something new and you’ve probably seen and known about them already from other mobile MMO, so this is going to be a cinch for you. See you in Aura Kingdom 2!