Auto Chess Mobile Beginner’s Guide and Essential Tips

Auto Chess Basic Guide

Want to start playing Auto Chess Mobile but don’t know where to start? Look no further, because we’ve got you covered! We’ll run you down on all the essential information you need to know to pick up the game, navigate through the seemingly confusing UI, and of course, win! Let’s get started!


Main lobby

The main lobby is the landing page. Here you’ll find some essential links and info such as the leaderboard, friend list, inventory, candies (the currency for the game), and the store. There are currently two available game modes: normal game and ranked. You can also find the world chat in the lobby if you wanna talk to other players. Player info can also be found here by tapping the player icon on the upper left.

The Illustrated menu in the main lobby is basically your game information center. Here, you can check Hero information, such as what race, class, and rarity they belong to. Each hero starts at one-star level. Combine three one-star heroes of the same kind to evolve it into a two-star hero, and combining three two-star heroes will evolve them into a three-star hero, the highest rank they can achieve.

Heroes also change in appearance with every level up, giving them more striking visuals and more complex designs.

You can also check the item list and read up on what bonuses they give when you equip them to your heroes. All items can also be combined to make a more powerful one. Do take note that once you equip items to a hero, you cannot remove them anymore.

Game Mechanics

Rules of the game:

  • Each game consists of eight players.
  • Each player must defend against creeps and other players by placing their heroes on the board.
  • If you lose the round, you will take damage. If you win, you will deal the damage instead. Zero life will result in losing the game. The last survivor wins.

Battle resources:

  • You can gain gold end EXP through battles.
  • Gain enough EXP to level up which will give you more hero slots on the board and give you access to higher rarity heroes.
  • You can also use gold to add EXP so you can level up faster, or use it to reroll the hero piece store.

Hero pieces:

  • All players can draw heroes from the piece pool.
  • Possess three similar pieces and combine them to rank them up.
  • You can trigger special active buffs and synergy by putting pieces of a specific race or class on the board.

Game rounds:
Each game round consists of three phases:

  • Preparing phase – here, you can add pieces to your board, buy new heroes, combine heroes, and equip items.
  • Battle phase – all players will have to deal with other players invading their boards. You win by defeating all their pieces. There are intervals where you’ll battle creeps. Defeat them and they may drop some equipment.
  • End phase – whoever wins, all their remaining pieces will be converted to damage. (Example: 2 pieces left = 2 damage).

In some special interval rounds, you’ll be battling creeps instead of players. Creeps sometimes drop items which you can equip to your heroes.

  • Round 1 – ent squad
  • Round 2 – ent crusader
  • Round 3 – ent archon
  • Round 10 – rock golem
  • Round 15 – wolf pack
  • Round 20 – lethal ursa
  • Round 25 – wild wing reaper
  • Round 30 – thunder hide
  • Round 35 – black dragon king
  • Round 40 – glacier clan
  • Round 45 – nian beast
  • Round 50 – Roshan

Levels and experience:
All players will start at level 1. Each end of round gives you 1 EXP. You can buy 4 EXP for 5 gold. Increasing your level allows you to use more pieces and gives you access to rarer pieces.

Piece/Hero store:
All pieces start at 1-star. The store refreshes after the end of every round. You can spend 2 gold to reroll the current store list.

Battle Interface

  1. Shows the current rank of players. You can tap the button below the list for more detailed information.
  2. Shows the number of pieces on board and how many you can add.
  3. Shows how many golds you have.
  4. Shows your current level and EXP.
  5. Equipment and store button.

Races and classes interface:

  1. Shows the synergy and buffs of your current heroes.
  2. You can tap on the synergy and buff icons to know more details about it.
  3. Heroes affected with the synergy and buff will be highlighted on the board.

Pieces during a game:

  1. Shows the profile of the currently selected piece.
  2. Long press to drag the piece on the board. Double tap to quickly withdraw them.
  3. Tap to sell a hero.
  4. Long press the hero in the bench and drag it to put them on the board.

Piece store interface:

  1. Tap to purchase a hero.
  2. Tap the lock icon to “lock” the current store list. A locked list will not automatically refresh when a round ends.
  3. Click the reroll button to immediately refresh the list. You need 2 gold to do this.

Equipment interface:

  1. Tap to combine the chosen items to a chosen piece.
  2. Shows the items needed for combination.
  3. Where the combine button is located; tap it to fuse the items.
  4. Long press and drag the items to a hero to equip them.
  5. Equipment page shows which items you currently have.

There you have it. We hope that this guide will help you in navigating through the amazing world of Auto Chess! If you think you got the basics down, check out our advanced guide to Auto Chess to learn more in-depth strategies! And as always, follow Enduins for more gaming news and info!