Black Desert Mobile, the Camp system and the various functions it provides players

BDM Camp Guide

The Camp system is a unique feature found in BDM. It’s essentially your very own plot of land and base camp. There’s a lot you can do in the camp, as well as the benefits you can grab.


A camp is a place where you can hire workers to construct, gather, or craft various buildings, materials, and items. This is a private space for Adventurers so use your creativity to make your own unique camp!

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Setting Up Your Camp

You can set your own camp by completing the Receive a camp quest. Find Jarette Domongatt and talk to her to proceed. 

The Camp button will be activated once you finish talking to Jarette Domongatt.

Press the Camp button on the top of your screen to go to your camp. 


  1. You can check your Silver, Stamina, and Food on the top left side of your camp screen. 
  2. Press the Resources button to check all the resources in your camp. 
  3. Press the arrow on top of your camp screen to check your Wealth and Resources.
  4. You can find Gather, Build, Workers button on the bottom of your camp screen.
  • Worker Management / Edit Mode / Visit Friend.

Encourage All, General Chat

Try communicating with your workers by using the Encourage All, General Chat button found on the bottom right side of your camp screen. 

Important notes:
Encourage decreases the fatigue of your workers.
Talk increases the loyalty of your workers. 

Structure Name Display on/off – Press the exclamation mark button on the bottom right to turn on/off the structure name display in your camp.

Edit Mode – Press the arrow button on the bottom right to switch to Edit Mode.

Normal Mode / Manage Mode – Press the camera button on the bottom right to switch to Manage Mode.

Important note:
You can manage your camp in a bird’s-eye view in Normal Mode.
Use Manage Mode to manage your camp from a closer perspective.

Visit Friend – Press the Visit Friend button to visit your friend’s or guild member’s camp.

Take advantage of what your camp can offer you cause it’s a lot. It’ll make your life in BDM easier since the camp provides a lot of what you need in the game.