Black Desert Mobile: Everything you need to know about Guild System

BDM - Guild

A guild is a staple of all MMO games. They are basically your family, a group of players that has one similar goal. In this guide, we’ll discuss how to create or join one, the basic functions of a guild, and the different functions it provides you.


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Creating and Joining Guilds

To create a guild, your character must be at least level 30, have 400,000 silver, and not be a member of a guild (if you have left a guild to make your own, you will have to wait 24 hours).

There are no restrictions for joining a guild; your character will be able to join a guild starting from level 1

You can use characters and numbers in guild names. Spaces and special characters cannot be used. After choosing a guild mark and name, your guild will be created.

Guild Information

You can check the member list, guild quests, guild rushes, and guild announcements. 

The guild master and guild officer can manage the guild by pressing the Guild Manage button. Guild members can press the Leave button to leave the guild. You will be able to earn more social points as more members join the guild and guild activity increases.  

Depending on the guild level, the maximum number of joinable guild members will vary.

Guild Level and max number of guild Members

  • Lv 1 – 30
  • Lv 2 – 34
  • Lv 3 – 38
  • Lv 4 – 42
  • Lv 5 – 44
  • Lv 6 – 46
  • Lv 7 – 47
  • Lv 8 – 48
  • Lv 9 – 49
  • Lv 10 – 50

Guild Members

You will be able to see information about your guild members. You can check their class, job, family name, activity and online status.

  • Guild Permissions
    • Guild Master – Enlisting new members, assigning officer, dismissal, accepting quests, canceling quests and more
    • Guild Officer – Enlisting new members, open up guild rush and more

Important reminders:

  • The guild master must be at least level 30.
  • The guild master can assign roles.
  • Guild members can be dismissed up to 3 times a day.

Guild Master Delegation

If the guild master is inactive for longer than 14 days, the guild officer may take over the guild master position.

  • There will be no additional warning or notice for delegation. 
  • Only the guild officers that are level 30 or higher can take over the guild master position.
  • When the delegation is made, 50% of the guild fund will be deducted.
  • If the guild possesses a Node or if a guild is currently in the ‘bidding period’ for a Node War, delegation cannot be made. 

Guild Quests and Guild Rushes

By doing guild quests, you can obtain guild points, activity, Guild EXP, and guild funds. You can also obtain social points or silver by completing quests.

Guild points can be exchanged for summoning stone for Guild Rush. Guild quests can be done 3 times a day (Quest resets at 24:00 every day.)

Important note: Guild quests can be canceled.

The guild master can summon the bosses using guild points.

Summoning stones can be used for Guild Rush in the Guild Fortress.

Important notes: Guild Rush has 3 difficulties: Easy, Normal and Hard. All guild members can participate in the Guild Rush.

Guild Skills

Only the guild master can acquire guild skills using guild funds. Guild Effect: Increased Life Skill EXP will be applied. 

Important note: Call to Battle can only be applied for PVP and Guild Node War.

Guild Search

You can search for other guilds. You can check the guild’s level, who the guild master is, and how many members a guild has. 

Guild Management

The guild master can change Join Settings and Guild Focus in the Manage Guild tab.

Guild Fortress

The guild fortress is where members of a guild can meet and enjoy various content, such as Guild Rush and Node War.

Guild Rank

You can check your guild ranking by going through the Main menu > Ranking > Guild Ranking. You can earn rewards based on your guild’s ranking. 

Disband Guild / Withdraw

Only the guild master can disband a guild. If you wish to disband a guild, there must be no members left in your guild. 

Guild members who wish to withdraw from a guild can do so by pressing on the [Withdraw/Leave] button in the guild menu.

Important note: the guild cannot be recovered once it is disbanded.

What is Guild Mileage?

You can obtain Guild Mileage by spending White Pearls or Black Pearls at the shop when you are in a guild.

Purchasing Guild Quests

Use Guild Mileage when purchasing Guild Quests from the Guild Mileage Shop found in the Guild Mileage tab. Guild Quests will provide benefits for all guild members.

Guild Quests

  • Any purchased Guild Quests must be finished within a certain period of time. The remaining time will be shown on the Guild Quest UI.
  • You may only complete the same Guild Quest once per day.
  • It is not possible to purchase the same Guild Quest more than one time per day.

Guild Quest Rewards

Once you complete a Guild Quest, you will receive the rewards mentioned in the Guild Quest description.

Join a guild as soon as you can to reap every benefit the features can give you. It’s always fun to play with friends and comrades!