Black Desert Mobile guide on your faithful companions, the Pets and Horses

BDM - Pets

Adventurers of Black Desert Mobile will be able to meet helpful pets and speedy horses to aid them in their adventure. Pets and horses can provide helpful stat bonuses as well as other perks.


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Pets will always be by the adventurer’s side collecting items and providing useful skills.

How to obtain Pets

1) Reward for completing a quest: Valenos Mischievous Dog can be obtained. (1 per family)

2) Pearl Shop: You can buy pets from the Pearl Shop. Pet skills and figures may vary.

  1. Basic Info: Name, level, tier, etc. can be checked here. You can also change the name of your pet here.
  2. Skills:  Pets are given random skills at the time of purchase. More skills can be acquired for pets of higher tier.
    • You can increase the level of each skill through Train Skill.
    • Available skills include increased combat experience, increased life skills experience, increased inventory weight, increased knowledge gain, and increased Black Spirit experience.
  3. Feeding: When the hunger gauge is depleted to 0, spoils of battle are not collected.
    • There are poor, fair, and good feed that you can feed to your pet.
    • Poor feed can be purchased from the livestock merchant.
  4. Information: You can take your pet out or put them back to Home. You can take out a maximum of 3 pets.
  5. Exchange: You can exchange pets and acquire a pet of a higher tier.

Pet Skill

Pets will have random skills. High-tier pets can learn more skills.

  • Train Skill

Skill level can only be increased by training. 

You can only train 1 skill at a time per pet. Skill training finishes depending on the time duration shown on the left side of the Train Skill button. A level 5 pet can only train skills up to lv.5.

Exchanging Pets

Two pets that are at the same tier are needed when exchanging pets. You can choose a skill to inherit or simply receive a new random skill. You can inherit more skills and grant greater abilities based on the tier of the exchanged pet. There is a chance that an exchange may fail, in which the pet of the selected appearance will remain while the other will disappear.


Horses can save you a lot of travel time and provide useful skills.

  • How to obtain horses
  1. Reward for completing a quest: You can obtain a horse by completing quests. (1 per family)
  2. Capture: You can also capture wild horses by using a rope.

Ropes and brown sugar, which are both needed when capturing horses, can be bought from livestock merchants or at the Pearl Shop.

Horses can be captured in certain areas. You can find specific locations in your mini-map.

Note: After you capture it, a minigame will be triggered. Even after successfully capturing the horse, taming it isn’t guaranteed. Your chances of taming a horse may increase by using brown sugar.

Horse Skill

Horses have two skill types: normal and bonding. Higher tier horses will have more skills and abilities. When you first obtain or exchange a horse, a random skill will be given. Skills can be exchanged by using an item sold at the Pearl Shop.

  • Bonding Skill

You can purchase Horse Bonding Exchange Coupon at the Pearl Shop. Once you use the item, a random bonding skill will be applied in place of an existing bonding skill.

  • Normal Skill

The higher the tier of a horse, the more skills it will have. You can purchase a Horse Skill Exchange Coupon at the Pearl Shop to change it.

Even if you use the item, the tier of the horse will not change.

  • Horse Breeding

In order to breed, the two horses must be identical and at their maximum level (Lv. 10). Breeding horses will guarantee you with a next-tier horse.

Don’t forget to take care of your pets and horses as they give bonuses. As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to get better companions so be sure to max them out and train them properly.