Cabal Mobile Guide: Character Creation, Game UI, Map, and Quests

It only has been the CBT version, but Cabal M (KR) has already blown up! Thousands of players are playing right now in its home turf South Korea, AND outside of the country. That is how strong the pull of the nostalgic PC MMO classic. Naturally, there will be a language barrier if you’re playing outside. Luckily Enduins is to the rescue! Here is our guide for character creation, game UI, map, and quest!


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Cabal M Character Creation

There are a total of six character classes in Cabal M, each with different characteristics for each class. Compare the feature of each class before you make a decision.

The classes are: Warrior, Blader, Force Archer, Shielder, Wizard, and Force Blader

Character class introduction

The information on each character class is briefly shown on the right side of the screen, so choose one and the gender that suits your taste.

Appearance customization

After selecting the desired class, you can edit your character’s hairstyle, facial features, and hair color, by touching the change appearance button.

Select the character’s appearance that matches your taste and then touch the “Create Character button” to set the character’s name. After this, the process is completed.

Cabal Mobile UI

You can check various information such as character stats, buff benefits, and so on through the Cabal Mobile main screen.  

Character Information
In the character information window, you can check various information such as character level, class, and detailed abilities. You can also distribute character stats inside this menu.

You can check your character information by touching the upper left of the screen.

If you touch the detailed ability value, you can check more in-depth information about the stats and abilities of your character.

Touch the premium button to see what benefits are currently available.

You can check the shop connection as well as the customizing function to set up the blessing bead buff.

You can set the desired bead and apply it using a force gem.

Item shop
You can purchase in-game items by connecting to the item shop.

You can see the items your character currently has. You can organize your items easily by using the automatic organizing function.

Touch the mailbox to see your current mail, special inventory, and cache inventory tabs.

  • Mailbox: You can check notices or system mail.
  • Special inventory: You can check the reward items provided by premium service.
  • Cash Inventory: You can check the items that are paid by the event.

Community and Events
You can see the current events by opening the community link, touch the left button to connect to the official CABAL M cafe.  

If you touch the CABAL menu button, you can check most of the information about the game including character ability, equipment and so on.

Quest progress

You can touch the NPC to proceed with the quest, and you can move to that quest’s location automatically with a simple tap.

The content of the quest is composed of various tasks, such as: having a conversation with the NPC, killing certain monsters, dungeon clearing, and more.

If you achieve the given mission, you can get the skill book, algebra, and various items with the corresponding reward.

GPS and Map Movement

Touch the mini-map at the top right of the screen to see the entire map. Map registration, coordinate registration, and hunting difficulty will also be displayed here.


Map movement

Click on the blue arrow area on the GPS to move that area automatically.

Register coordinates

The coordinates on which your current character is located on the GPS can be registered using the POSGEM. Your character will automatically go to the registered coordinates.

Hunting difficulty display

  • Red (Best): A place where monsters are much stronger than your current character, and hunting is almost impossible.
  • Orange (Phase): There are stronger monsters than your character now, but still a bit tough to engage.
  • Yellow (Medium): It is possible to hunt easily on these hunting ground for matches your current character level.
  • Flesh-colored (lower): Weak monsters compared to your character. You can only get low experience.
  • Gray (Lowest): Monsters are very weak compared to your character now, and you rarely get experience.

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There are a lot more features in Cabal M that can be unlocked as you progress, and of course more game modes as well. We hope that this guide will clear things up and help you not just avoid confusion and constant head scratching, but become stronger in the game as well. It may be just in it’s CBT phase right now, but you already have a leg up from everybody else! From what? The global version of course! Don’t forget to follow Enduins for more gaming news and information!