Laplace M Guide: Fastest Way to Increase Your BR (Battle Rating)

The world of Laplace M (Tales of Wind) has opened. Players around the globe are eager to start their adventure and prove their strength along the way! Today we’re gonna discuss one of the most important features you’ll need to know to become stronger in the game: Battle Rate

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But first, what is Battle Rate? The simplest explanation is that it is the total sum of your character’s power that has been gained through multiple mediums such as your equipment, skill level, guardian, soul cards, character level, stats, and enhancements. It serves as your gauge on how strong you currently are, and at the same time, becomes your guide if you can handle certain dungeon runs and challenges like the Kingdom Realms.

In this guide, you’ll learn and discover some awesome tips and tricks on how to increase your Battle Rate the best way possible, so you can tackle all the hurdles in the world of Laplace M and come out as the victor!

1Equipment (Instant Gold Set)

Equipment is one of your major sources of BR. It is essentially a character’s source for attack and defense as well as the catalyst for soul cards. Don’t rush for Gold equipment in the early stages because you will change your equipment every 10 levels. Always do the highest difficulty on equipment realm (Nightmare mode) with a full party for the best chance to get high tier rewards.

Pro Tip: Gold Set (Lv. 20-29) is better than Purple Set (30-39). If you’re at level 30-39, do not identify a Gold item when you obtain one. Rather, sell it immediately to buy a lower set for “Set Effect”. You can raise your BR up to 50,000- 57,000 instantly. Same procedure at 40-49, just sell Gold items immediately then buy a lower set (Lv. 30-39) to increase your BR up to 85,000.

2Equipment Enhancement

Obtaining powerful equipment is great and all, but you can increase their battle rate further when you enhance them. Focus on enhancing your gears first while you’re at lower levels, since enhancements can be transferred to other equipment freely. You won’t fail when enhancing up to 6 since it has a 100% success rate.

You can get enhancement material from Points Shop, Spiral Shop, Zodiac Bosses, and Truesight. For enhancement +1 up to +6, you’ll need Star Diamonds, and then Moon Diamonds for +7 onwards.

3Reforge Equipment

After obtaining the equipment that you desire (e.i Gold Set), you can now reforge your items. Reforging requires reforging bars and Silverstar as materials. Silverstar can be obtained through all sorts of different events and quests while reforging bars can be obtained in the Equipment Realm, Marketplace Trade, and from dismantling equipment. You can also fuse reforging bars to get higher tier ones. You can fuse 6 Bronze Bars to get 1 Iron Bar, 6 Iron to get 1 Mithril, and 6 Mithril to get 1 Adamantine.

  • Reforge bars:
  • Bronze – for level 30 equipment and below
  • Iron – level 40 to 50
  • Mithril – level 50 to 60
  • Adamantine – level 60 above

A reforge rating of the equipment’s additional attributes will be displayed when reforging and the reforge rating tells you whether the attributes are good or not. The higher the Battle Rate, the better. Equipment reforging can give the equipment extra attributes types and bonuses, making each piece of equipment unique.

4Soul card (Monster)

Soul cards are powerful items imbued with the soul of a monster in the form of a card. Equipping one in your gear adds additional battle rate and grants you access to stat boosts and special transformation skills. Same as with equipment, try to get +6 on the card because it has a 100% success rate, and some cards also have special effect on +3,6,9 and 12. You can get card upgrading materials called “Mana” from Points shop, Dismantle Card, Card Realm and Bug Hunt. Don’t forget to unlock additional card slots whenever you can. You’ll need “Kingdom Fame” points to unlock a slot. You can obtain these by participating in Kingdom Event.

Pro Tip: Before you dismantle or embed card, always check/compare the “Max Rating” not the “Cur. Rating”.

5Redeem Skill Point (SP)

One of the unconventional features in Laplace M is how you obtain skill points. You’ll get one skill point every level up, but the majority of your points can be obtained through redeeming. You’ll need to exchange XP to redeem skill points. Do take note of how many required XP you’ll need to exchange for one skill point – it increases in value the more points you redeem. Each time you upgrade your skill level you will get around 600 BP and boost some of your stats. The best moment to do this is when you reach the level cap.

*You will need 50 SP for 2nd Job Change

Pro Tip:  How to earn extra EXP after the Level Cap?

1. Daily Routine to reach the Level Cap First!

  • Subject to Exp Limit:  [Escort, Arena, Card Realm, Equipment Realm, Dragon Treasures]
  • Event Square: (Kingdom Events, Treasure Hunter, World Boss)

2. Next! After reaching the level cap, you can continue to earn exp and start redeeming skill points. You can only level up your character once a new level cap has been unlocked.

  • Not Subject to Exp Limit: [Main Quest, Side Quest, NPC Fight, Revelation Trials, Farm Order, Racoon Raid, Truesight Reward, and Fairy Music Box]
  • Event Square: [Zodiac Bosses, Guild Ball]


The Guardians are your partner throughout your journey in Laplace, aiding you in battle and also giving you stat boosts as well, increasing your battle rate. You can upgrade your pet level by giving them juice (buy from Artifact shop or Farm Coin shop) and when it reaches max level, you can evolve it by sacrificing other guardians with the same star. Evolving will give your pet more stats and more skills.

Note: You will get FREE Gold pet on the 7th Day.


Truesight is a special skill of adventurers which gives you a glimpse of the unseen world, revealing their secrets and hidden treasures. This feature is very helpful as you can use truesight to get a number of useful goodies on every map in Laplace. You can only do this 8 times a day, so choose your rewards wisely. Don’t worry if you don’t find anything – a truesight point will only be spent if you were able to find a treasure and you grabbed it.

8What do you need to buy in the Spiral shop?

There’s a lot of tempting items in the Spiral Shop. But what should you buy? Never use spiral for gacha. Instead, use it to buy Materials Star/Moon Diamond to Enhance equipment.

And there you have it. We hope that this guide helps enrich your gaming experience in Laplace M and help you become stronger and better. Got additional tips? Let us know! For more gaming news and information, follow Enduins! Stay awesome!