Light of Thel basic beginners guide plus the features that will increase your combat power

Light of Thel Basic Guide

Light of Thel: Glory of Cepheus, a brand new mobile MMORPG by Youzu and GT Arcade has just recently launched. We dove into the game and compiled some useful information that can help you to start your journey right in the rich and expansive world of the game.


Character classes

Omni Warrior

The Omni Warrior is your basic run in the melee class. This class excels in taking and dealing huge amounts of damage. The most balanced of all classes and is a good choice for players who are new to MMORPGs. Omni Knights are only available as male gender.

Rune Mage

Rune mages are able to wield powerful magic that focuses on Area of Effect (AoE) skills effectively wiping a group of enemies with one single cast. They’re a bit squishy and takes time to master. Rune Mage is currently only available as female gender.

Elven Archer

The agile Elven Archers can deal huge amounts of damage from a safe distance. They focus more on single target damage, opting to take down enemies one by one in quick succession. Both male and female genders are available for this class.

Holy Priest

The support class of the game. They focus more on healing and buffing their allies. They can also deal with monsters well enough on their own but unlike the other classes, they excel more on parties. They can also substitute as tankers when an Omni Warrior is not available because of their high HP and numerous healing skills. Both male and female genders are available for this class.

Shadow Assassin

The sneaky assassins excel in dishing out tremendous amounts of damage in an instant, favoring to hide and ambushing their enemies rather than risking a full-frontal attack. They are also the preferred PvP class of the game. Shadow Assassins is currently only available as male gender.

Rosen Knight

The Rosen Knight is yet to be implemented class in the game. Judging by its class icon, it will be a tanker that will most definitely wield a shield and a one-handed weapon.

Game functions and increasing combat power

The backpack and equipping gear

The backpack displays all the items you currently have. It has a total of 100 slots. Remember that there are 2 types of items, the usable and unusable items. Gears are your bread and butter when it comes to increasing your combat power. Once you acquire gear, the game will automatically prompt you to equip it. The same goes if you acquire a higher tier gear.

Some of these can be dismantled for crafting materials and gold. The higher the item level and quality, the more items and gold you’ll get from dismantling them. Once your backpack is full, you won’t be able to acquire any more items, so always be sure you have enough slots and get rid of unnecessary items.

Strengthen (Equipment Enhancing)

Blessing or basically enhancing your equipment will increase your overall stats and combat power. You need to spend blessing stones to enhance gears. The higher the blessing level, the more blessing stones you’ll need for enhancing. It’s better to enhance different gears than to focus on only one since they all give different bonus stats.


Skills are your character’s special attacks. Use skill points to upgrade skills that in turn increases your combat power. You can get skill points by leveling up, completing quests and appraising collectibles. Some really rare weapons have their own weapon skills. Weapons skills are very strong. If you equip one, you will automatically obtain said skill. Players can also spend silver to set up more skill plans to deal with different types of enemies.


Each character has 2 Talents. Players can only use one type of talent each time they battle. You need talent EXP to upgrade talents. These can be obtained from story quests, side quests, world quests, etc. Talents can be reset at any time without any cost. Players can spend silver to add more talent plans. Talents also have 3 rune slots. Players can insert runes to increase your stats and combat power.


Sprites or pets are your faithful companion throughout your adventures. There are 3 types of sprites: Battle Pets, Mounts, and Minis.

  • Battle pets – gives their owners stat bonuses. They can also use talent skills once deployed.
  • Mounts – can increase your movement speed.
  • Minis – can go on expeditions to win random items.

Sprites can be set free. You’ll get sprite shards in return. Sprites can also be reborn which will revert them back to level 1 and return all the training items you’ve used on them. Once a battle pet reaches a certain level, they can bring toys to add more stat bonuses and increasing combat power.  These toys can be used to activate set properties. Exclusive toys can be used to upgrade the level limit. Once they reach level 70, they can unlock personality. Different personalities will cause different effects on players. The higher the quality of a battle pet, the higher the bonus they give.

Soul Stones

Soul Stones are the special items certain monsters drop. Players can obtain rare, epic, legendary, and mythic tiers. Legendary and Mythic tiers are further divided into R1, R2, and R3 stones.

The 3 types of stones are morale, guard, and energy.

  • Morale – can be used in weapons, bracelets, rings, etc.
  • Guard – can be used in shoulders, body, legs, feet, etc.
  • Energy – can be used in necklace, earring, headgear, etc.

You can put 3 soul stones in a piece of equipment. In doing so, your combat power will also increase. 

Each stone will have randomly generated stats. They can also consume EXP soul stones to upgrade their level. You can dismantle excess soul stones to get EXP soul stones.

Hero’s Path

As you progress through the game, you’ll eventually unlock the Hero’s Path. Complete objectives to obtain rewards and hero points. Obtain enough to upgrade your rank. Once you’ll do, you’ll obtain stat bonuses that increase your combat power as well as various rewards.

If you’re stuck, don’t know what to do next, having difficulty beating monsters, or currently lacking materials, the adventure tab is your answer. Here you can see all instance modes the game has to offer. It also serves as a guide and a reminder of what things you haven’t done yet for the day.

Last but not least is the growth tutorial. It’s basically a compass that will point you on what you need to tinker, and what’s available for you to enhance and upgrade among other things. If you get confused by the amount of stuff you need to tinker in the game, the growth tutorial will help you keep up and get organized.

And there you have it. Light of Thel is packed to the brim with features and game modes, you’ll never get bored. And with the majority of those are combat power related so you don’t have to worry if what you’re doing in the game is wrong or not. To be honest, Light of Thel spoon feeds you on what to do for the whole duration of your time spent inside the game and holds your hand at the same time, that it almost looks like a glorified AFK game. Nevertheless, if you want a hassle-free automated game with a lot of things to do, you might want to check this game out! We hope this guide has helped you on your way to greatness!