Saturday, March 6, 2021
BDM - Stamina

Black Desert Mobile Guide: About Stamina and how to use it

Black Desert Mobile guide on how to use the Stamina system in various features inside the game.
BDM Camp Guide

Black Desert Mobile, the Camp system and the various functions it provides players

Black Desert Mobile guide on how to acquire your camp, the basic functions, and how to use the facilities.
BDM Collection

Black Desert Mobile Collection basic information and why you should complete them

Black Desert Mobile collection guide, what is the Collection System and why you should complete it.
BDM Crafting Guide

Black Desert Mobile: How to craft your own equipment, Potions, Trade Goods and more!

Black Desert Mobile Crafting system guide, how to take advantage of your camp and craft your own equipment, potions, and trading goods.
Wealth and Resources

Learn about the wealth and resources of Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile full wealth and resources list, how to acquire the different kinds of currency and where to use them in-game.
BDM character customization

Black Desert Mobile: How to customize your character’s appearance to the fullest extent

Black Desert Mobile character customization guide, functions explained and how to use them to create a character unique to your own

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