Rohan M Beginner’s Guide: Features, gameplay, mechanics, characters, and more

One of the most anticipated MMORPG – Rohan M – is finally here!  For those not familiar this is the mobile adaptation of the classic PC MMO Rohan Online. While the game may feel very familiar for veteran RPG players, there are those who are actually playing this type of game for the very first time. And for those people, Enduins has got your back! Dive in our Rohan M Beginner’s Guide to know all about this awesome MMORPG! 


Character Creation and Classes: Rohan M offers four gender-locked classes.

Human Knight (male)

Knights boast high vitality and defense. They excel in close-quarter combat. Their preferred gears are sword, shield, and dagger.

Half-Elf Archer (female)

Archers have high attack speed and long-range. They can maneuver through the battlefield and eliminate specific targets one by one. Their preferred weapons are bows and crossbows.

Dark Elf Mage (male)

Mages wield a number of offensive spells and debuffs. They excel in large scale battles eliminating multiple enemies at once with their AoE skills and high damage output. Their weapons of choice are wands and staff.

Dhan Assassin (female)

Assassins excel at sneaking through the enemy lines and picking off prime targets or distracting enemies with a debuff and stealth skills. They mainly use daggers and katars.

Basic movement controls

Just like any mobile-centric RPG, the lower left side of your screen is where your D-pad is located. Holding the joystick and then dragging it in any direction will make your character move.

On the upper right side of your screen is the quest list. This is where you need to check what’s the next goal and what to do next. This will be your most-used button in the game. Since Rohan M implements an auto-quest feature, everything will be automated for you when you’re out in the field. The quest list button is the only thing you need to have manual input for and that is broken down into two choices: to accept or finish a quest.

Tapping the quest list will automatically move your character to the quest location. If it is a kill quest, that will also be automated.

There’s also a handy instant teleport button to quickly go to the quest location. Teleporting to a quest area will cost you gold depending on how far the area is from your current location.

Inventory and equipping gear

At the upper right of your screen, you’ll see a bag icon. This is your inventory. Everything you loot will be dumped into your inventory including new gear, consumables, and materials. To open it, simply tap the bag icon.

To equip a gear, tap the item you wish to equip. Once tapped, the gear information, stats, and bonus effects will pop up, giving you an insight if the equipment suits your current character build and play style. If the gear you chose in the inventory is the same as your current equipped one, both stats will pop up giving you the chance to compare the two and decide which one is better.

Once you have decided, simply tap the gear again to finally equip it.


On the lower right side of your screen is where your attack, auto-attack, and skill buttons are located, as well as the shortcut keys for your HP and mana potions.

The HP and mana potions are automatically consumed once their bars reach a certain point. 

By tapping the basic attack button, your character will automatically go for the nearest target and attack. Your skills are automatically used once in combat. You can always toggle off the auto use of skills if you wish to by tapping the skill icon.

Tapping the auto-combat toggle will turn on the auto-combat feature. Your character will continue to attack the nearest targets available until you either press the next quest button or turn off the auto-combat.

Most quests in the game require you to either kill a certain number of enemies or do some tasks from different types of quests.

Quest types:

  • Main – Main quest is an important mission in the development of characters. 
  • Zones – Sub quest provides you more EXP and Crone and can be repeated for as long as you like. The Missions usually consist of eliminating monsters or collecting items.
  • Tasks – Collect your routine task to get Crones, Growth Stone items and even materials for crafting.
  • Guild – Complete guild missions to get Guild XP for guild level up and Guild Points which you can use to purchase various items in the shop.
  • Achievements – Achievements reward you with titles. The more titles you get, the more benefit your character acquires.

World map and how to navigate areas

To navigate the world of Rohan, you’ll need to open the minimap first located at the upper right side of the screen. 

Once opened, a list of areas will be shown to you. Most of the areas listed here will be accessible to you once you progress more in the game.

To teleport to an area, simply tap which place you want to go on the list.

Some areas have multiple portals. If your chosen area has two or more, you can choose which one to teleport to on the right side of the screen below the zone area information.

Once decided, tap the move button located down below the list and you’ll be teleported to that area.

Character info and stats allocation

At the upper left of the screen, you’ll see your HP and mana bar. You can tap this to open a sub-menu where you can preview your character’s current equipment and the stat information tab where you can allocate your bonus stat points.

When you level up, you are given four bonus stat points. In order to allocate these points, tap champion info and then go to stats info.

Here, you will see the different stats you can strengthen with the bonus stat points. They are:

  • Strength – they affect physical damage, physical defense, the weight limit of inventory, and accuracy.
  • Dexterity – affects physical range attacks, accuracy, and physical attack penetration.
  • Intelligence – affects magic attack, magic defense, and magic attack defense.
  • Vitality – affects physical defense, magic defense, increases health, and increases the weight limit of inventory.
  • Agility – affects melee and range physical attacks, evasion, and accuracy.
  • Wisdom – affects magic attack, magic defense, magic resistance, and increases your mana.

Once you have chosen which stats to add on, tap “Apply” to finalize the allocation. If you don’t know which stats suit your class better, tap the recommend button to check which stats will benefit you the most.


In the skill menu, you can check the list of available active and passive skills of your class. This is also the menu where you can increase their level. 

Active skills have level limits. All skills can be obtained via leveling up. When you select a skill, a menu will pop up with its details such as skill effects and cooldown.

Passive skills, on the other hand, can be selectively leveled up according to your job class.

The Pet System

Pets are considered one of the most important things in the game because each pet will have skills that will make a player’s experience in the battle easier. Additionally, there are some pets that have skills that allow you to enter special dungeons. Players can deploy three pets at the same time.


In Rohan M, you can collect various costumes that you can use on your character. Costumes will give bonus stats and also change your appearance. 

In the costume menu, you can check the ones you already have and check their different details and the effects they will give you once equipped.

You can combine costumes as well. By combining two costumes of the same grade, you’ll create a new random costume. The Costumes/Crests you’ll use must be of the same rarity. Additionally, there is a small possibility of getting a higher grade. This is useful when you have extra copies of a certain costume and you are trying to collect a certain set.

You can also change your Combine Result by using Ruby. A maximum of three random chances are available and they cost 900 Rubies, 2,900 Rubies, 4,900 Rubies, 6,900 Rubies and 9,900 Rubies respectively.

The rune system

Every character you make in Rohan M can develop various stats by growing five types of runes. All the characters you created on the same server will share the growth status of all five runes.

You will need rune essence to upgrade your runes. Each rune requires a different kind of essence. 

Additionally, you will need the essence of mana for evolving runes. Runes can be evolved to the next tier once they reach +7.

You can extract the essence of mana from the essence you have gathered in the game.


You can craft various items using various materials in the game.

First, select the item you wish to craft by selecting a category. This will open a subcategory menu with the list of craftable items. 

You can see the list of materials you will need on the right side of the screen once you choose an item you wish to craft. If you have enough materials, pay the crafting price seen below and select the craft button.

How to upgrade items

  • Combine Stone – if you have spare Forge Stones, you can combine them into a new one by using three Forge Stones of the same grade. The new Forge Stone’s option will Change randomly and you can’t combine three similar Forge Stones. 
  • Equipment Forging – You can upgrade an equipment’s Grade level by Forging. Each Forging equipment must be at max level 30 and needs the same type of equipment with the same grade level as the materials. For Heroic and Ancient tier Equipment, you will need a specific Forge Stone as a material.
  • Equipment Enhancement – You can use Equipment Enhancement Stones to enhance your equipment. The Enhancement Stone must be of the same rarity level as your equipment. The higher the enhancement level, the more status improvement will be given to your equipment. The maximum enhancement level is 15. Be careful as the enhancement level will decrease by 1 upon failure from enhancement level 5 and above.
  • Equipment Level Up – you can use Weapon Growth Stones or Armor Growth Stones to upgrade any equipment. Also, you can use the same type of equipment to level up. The maximum equipment level is 30. The higher Equipment or Growth Stone level, the more Exp points are needed to level up a piece of equipment.

PVP and Vengeance system

In Rohan M, the PvP and the vengeance system are integrated into one. The hit list is the exclusive function where you can check your PVP records, current battle statistics, and use the revenge function. This is also the menu where you can see this season’s top 100 players.

PVP ranking is seasonal. When the season resets and you’re among the top 100, you’ll receive rewards. 

When you lose in a PVP match, you can use the revenge system and teleport to where the person who defeated you currently is. You can then proceed to hunt them down and exact your revenge.


The dungeons are single-player content. You can challenge a variety of instance dungeons with varying difficulties. By entering, you can measure your character’s strength and receive rewards for it.

To challenge a dungeon, select it from the list and then choose the dungeon difficulty. Tap “begin the challenge” to start.

List of available dungeons:

  • Crone Dungeon – unlocked at level 20. The crone dungeon will allow you to hunt down treasure chests full of crone (the game’s currency) inside a pirate ship
  • Growth Stone Dungeon – unlocked at level 30. This dungeon will transport you to the dark forest where you can find growth stones that can be used to enhance your gear.
  • Crystal Dungeon – unlocked at level 40. You can farm ancient crystals here that can be used to craft various items. They are also used for changing spirit stone sockets.
  • Coin Dungeon – unlocked at level 50. You can obtain honor coins here by scouring the ancient city.
  • Elemental Dungeon – unlocked at level 50. This is the place to gather high-level crafting materials. Be warned, failing in this dungeon will make you lose half the materials you obtained.

The Black Market

The Black Market is a place where players can collect various materials and equipment, free of charge. You can also receive different benefits for free as well.

  • Glorious Premium Box – random Accessories can be acquired from Rare to Legendary tier. You can click to select which kind of Accessories, such as Necklace, Bracer, Earring, or Ring.
  • Secret shop – this shop sells random raw materials such as Growth stone, Scroll, Pet Voucher, Dungeon admission ticket, Coin of honor, Weapon & Armor box, Dragon accessories box, Crystal, etc. Every 5 levels, the slots of sold items will increase. The maximum is 10 pieces.
  • Free Rewards – players will be able to receive various free items. The four types are Supply Box, Crone Supply Box, Rune Essence Box, and Free Costume.
  • Free Enhance – Players will be able to bring equipment or sets of any kind in this shop to enhance them for free. Items that are +5 or higher can’t be enhanced.

There you have it! Remember, this guide covers the basics and the important features about Rohan M that you’ll need to know to point you in the right direction. But once you master them, you can create all sorts of strategies to win! We’ll see you in Rohan M!