Top 10 Mobile MMORPGs in the Philippines that came out in 2020

MMORPG Mobile 2020

There’s no doubt about it. Filipinos love MMORPG games. There’s just something about the genre that people gravitate to. Maybe because they have a community-driven life or they just like to interact with other people. Throw in an MMORPG on a mobile device, you’re guaranteed there will always be Filipinos. This statement rings true, especially this year when everyone had to go quarantine themselves. MMORPG games became our way to fill that need for human interaction.

And so we’ve come up with a list of the top MMORPG games that came out this year that trended in the Philippines. Do note that the list is for games that came out THIS YEAR (2020) so Black Desert Mobile, MU Origin 2, or Ragnarok Mobile will not be included. Let’s get to it!

1Perfect World VNG

Perfect World VNG is the official mobile adaptation of the classic PC MMORPG developed by the Perfect World company and published by VNG PH. It brings the original gameplay of its predecessor and brings new upgrades as well. The game is now tweaked for mobile screens and touch control. It boasts a massive 60,000 kilometer seamless 3D open-world set in the continent of Pangu. Players will be able to engage in epic battles across the vast continent whether they choose to engage in combat by air, on land, or in the oceans. The playable classes of Human, Winged Elf, and the Untamed have made their return as well to save Pangu from the evil Wraiths who are hell-bent on destroying everything in their path. If you loved the classic MMO, definitely give PWVNG a go, available now on Android and iOS.

2Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja lived up to its hype when it officially opened for service. The mobile MMORPG game is made with unreal engine 4 with gorgeous cyberpunk anime aesthetics paired with tons of content to keep you busy for hours on end. Dragon Raja offers a huge open world to explore. Travel to a plethora of different biomes designed and inspired by real-life locations, complete with weather and day and night cycle. There’s even a built-in selfie mode to capture those beautiful landscapes. Just like other triple-A games, it has an extensive character customization system where you can mold your character to whatever you imagine them to be from face structure to body build. The real-time combat is pretty sleek as well with various traditional and futuristic weapon mastery to choose from. The devs recently added a brand new auto-chess mode in the game where popular NPCs become your chess pieces for dueling other players, so that’s another thing to check on your to-do list in Dragon Raja. The game is available for Android and iOS.

3A3: Still Alive

A new addition to Netmarble’s flagship games, A3: Still alive is the mobile adaptation of a classic Korean MMORPG that focuses on PVP gameplay. The mobile version expands on the original with new features and game modes wrapped in a dark fantasy-themed open world. A3 has a unique system called soul linker where players can fight alongside a companion throughout their adventures. To dumb it down, it’s a pet system but with humanoid creatures instead of animals. They have various uses from combat buffs to healing which can be utilized by the right class. There are 5 available classes to choose from namely the wizard, templar, berserker, assassin, and archer. Just like previously mentioned the game focuses more on PVP so most modes in the game will see you fighting alone or with a group in various modes from 1 vs 1 duel to huge 100 versus 100 battle modes. There’s even a battle royale mode complete with loots and a shrinking map. If you like PVP and want some challenging competition, A3: Still Alive is available now for Android.

4Rohan M

Rohan M started rocky but they eventually found their footing, fixed all the problems plaguing the game, and eventually came out as a great mobile MMORPG. Yet another game based on s classic PC title, Rohan M transports you into a world where chaos reigns and different races can easily switch from either working together or fighting each other in a blink of an eye. Just like A3: Still Alive, Rohan is a PVP focused game with a unique system called Vengeance where you can hunt down players who have wronged you in the past. Player Killing or PK for short is a common occurrence in the game. Rohan offers different classes in the form of races which include Human, Dekan, Half-Elf, Dark Elf, Elf, and Dhan. Other features include the usual pet system, guilds, and auction system. The game is getting steady updates since its official launch so players will always have something to look forward to. If you’re a fan of the classic Rohan PC, Rohan M is a great game to jump into for that sweet nostalgic gaming experience. It’s available now for Android and iOS.

5Blade and Soul: Revolution

Mobile gamers have long asked for a mobile version of Blade and Soul and Netmarble delivered on this. Blade and Soul is the newest addition to Netmarble’s “revolution” lineup. The game is an eastern fantasy MMORPG. Rather than focusing on class, B&S focuses more on character techniques and skills. Each class has special skills with their combinations while Joint-Attack lets you deliver powerful blows with your teammates. You can even move while you use your skills. In B&S, it’s all about the combos you can create with your skills. The game also follows the original storyline of the PC version so veteran players familiar with the PC version will see quite a few recognizable sceneries and characters in the mobile version. B&S offers a lot of PVE content and intense PVP action thanks to the Cerulean and Crimson war mode, a massive faction war where a team of players attempts to defeat or conquer the opposing side. If all those sound good to you, Blade and Soul Revolution is available now on Android and iOS.

6World of Dragon Nest

World of Dragon Nest is a brand new take on Eyedentity Game’s hit hack and slash franchise. Long gone are the dungeon crawler aspects from which we are all familiar with. Now it is replaced with a 3D open-world environment where you can explore different locations while riding your trusty mount. The game includes DN’s familiar non-targeting system just like the PC version. There’s a lot to do in the game like hunting huge bosses, multiple raids to participate in, and of course, Dragon Nest raiding. Arguably the biggest feature WOD has is that all player classes now have a gender-swapping option. Sounds like a small thing but for a mobile game? It’s big since most mobile RPGs offer gender-locked classes. The game also introduced a brand new storyline, new characters, new antagonists (Paradise Exiles), an auto-battle feature, (which you can freely turn off if you wish), and an exclusive mobile-only job class called Slayer. World of Dragon Nest was a massive success upon launch but waned towards the second half of the year. Nevertheless it’s still a good game to try out. It’s available for Android and iOS.

7Lost Continent

Another classic MMORPG given a second life on mobile. Lost Continent offers a huge open-world full of danger and opportunities for adventure, populated by a large variety of monsters, from simple ones like goblins and golems to the frightening Gorgon, Kundun, or Selupan. Each monster-type in the game is unique, has different spawn points, and drops different items. There are currently over 50 maps available in the game to explore. Available classes include Knight, Wizard, Elf, Gladiator, Darklord, Summoner, Lancer, and Fighter. What sets Lost Continent from the other titles on this list is that this is the only game with a player to player trading system. Additionally, there’s the real allocation of stat points to different attributes such as Strength, Agility, Vitality, Energy, or Command to strengthen your character as your level progresses. Like the original classic, you get to build your character for different uses, unlike most common MMORPGs that only rely on Combat Power. Other features include an auction house and a guild system. For game modes, there are the usual daily and seasonal quests, guild wars, boss hunts, various PVP modes, and castle siege. Lost Continent is available for Android

8V4 (Victory 4)

Victory for or V4 for short is Nexon’s flagship title for 2020. The game gave much hype before its official launch and it did not disappoint when it began its service. V4 is a cross-platform MMORPG for PC and mobile where players can explore a breathtaking world rendered with Unreal Engine 4. The game offers 6 offensive-focused classes to choose from which are the Warlord, Knight, Magician, Blader, Gunslinger, and Axler, all of which can transform into a demonic form. Since V4 is a PVP focused game, every existing server can take on other servers in a massive server war. There are over 50 comprehensive customization options that can shape and personalize your character the way you want. Gear them up in lustrous weapons and armor that make your hero even stronger, and unleash their true potential. The game also has a pet and mount system that adds to the customization factor. V4 is available for Android and iOS but be warned. This game demands high specs.

9Forsaken World: Gods and Demons

A brand new mobile entry, Forsaken World: Gods and Demons is the second mobile adaptation of the classic PC MMORPG. Players will dive into a world of exhilarating adventures where treasure and glory await those who are willing to traverse the many dangers and mysteries of the world of Calindor. Players can immerse themselves in different locations inhabited by different creatures, dangerous monsters, and diverse races such as the dwarves and elves. There are tons of PVP modes as well like faction wars and guild wars where you can form alliances with other guilds and band together to raid enemy fortresses. The best feature of the game is arguably the free class switch system where you can choose and change to whatever available class you want. This allows you to mix and match skills and create your unique combos and play style. Forsaken World: Gods and Demons is a great addition to the franchise, available now on Android.

10Icarus M

Icarus M is yet another mobile adaptation of a highly popular classic PC MMORPG. The game is set after the great war where the evil Zelnaris was finally sealed and an unstable peace has finally come. But now the corrupt Salant is scheming to free Zelnaris from his prison and engulf the lands and skies of chaos once more. Players will take on the role of one of the many brave heroes who took it upon themselves to stop Salant. Players can choose between different classes including the shield-bearing Gladiator, the Artist with her trusty brush, the orb-wielding Wizard, the long-range expert Rangers, and the deadly assassins. There are tons to do in Icarus M. Aside from the main story quests, there are also sub-quests, elite quests, daily tasks, and knight quests. There are also PVP modes to quench your thirst for battles like guild war, faction war, and guild strongholds. Of course, this wouldn’t be an Icarus M without aerial combat. Take to the skies and do battle with other players against a plethora of enemies on your trusty mount. Icarus M is available now for Android.

There you have it! There were more games to mention, but we opted for the ones that really made an impact in the Philippines during 2020. This includes the number of times they were downloaded, how big and strong the community was, total earnings, and of course, popularity.

If you’ve noticed, most of them are classic titles revived on mobile. Nostalgia must really be a strong factor in Filipino gamers. Which says a lot about what we can predict is gonna happen next year and beyond. With Cabal, RF Online, and even Zenonia making a comeback on mobile, there’s so much to look forward to. What a great way to leave this crappy year and be excited for next year onwards, right?