Low to Ultra Settings: Best Phones for Gaming in 2018

Are you looking for a new smartphone for gaming but can’t decide which one? Not sure what settings to use in your current smartphone to play your favorite game smoothly? You have come to the right place! ‘Coz our list of the Best Phones for Gaming 2018 will give you an idea which one fits your budget and your favorite game!



Nowadays, because of so many smartphone choices, mobile gamers are often confused which ones to buy. Not all of us can buy the flagship phones, so we’re always looking for the phone that fits our budget but is still capable of running our favorite games smoothly and without lag. This is even more important in today’s market, where phones must be able to handle new games with crazy graphics and gameplay, just like Black Desert Mobile, PUBG Mobile, Dragon Nest M, and many others. And if you are into esports, well, you really need a capable phone to not get left behind by your opponents.


Luckily, you don’t have to guess anymore the next time you go out to buy your next smartphone. Enduins conducted an extensive survey among multiple gaming communities to find out which smartphones are best and most popular for gaming at each price point. Each phone in our list has been tested by actual and active players to give the most accurate suggestions possible. Dive right in and see which phones on the list (and settings) are best at your given budget!


The best phones for gaming for every price range


Php 30K – 70K

iPhone XA11 Bionic3GB2716mAhHigh to Ultra
iPhone 8A11 Bionic3GB2691mAhHigh to Ultra
iPhone 7 PlusA10 Fusion3GB2,900mAhHigh
Galaxy S9 PlusExynos 98106GB3,500mAhHigh to Ultra
Galaxy S9Exynos 98104GB3,000mAhHigh to Ultra
Sony Xperia XZ2Snapdragon 8454GB3,180mAhHigh to Ultra
Razer PhoneSnapdragon 8358GB4,000mAhHigh to Ultra
Google Pixel 2 XLSnapdragon 8354GB3,520mAhHigh to Ultra
Moto Z2 ForceSnapdragon 8354GB / 6GB2,730mAhHigh to Ultra
Asus Zenfone 4 Pro (ZS551KL)Snapdragon 8356GB3,600mAhHigh to Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S8Exynos 88954GB3,500mAhHigh to Ultra


Php 20K – 30K

OnePlus 5Snapdragon 835 6GB/8GB3,300mAhHigh to Ultra
Xiaomi Mi MIX 2Snapdragon 8356GB/8GB3,400mAhHigh to Ultra
HTC U11Snapdragon 8354GB/6GB 3,000mAhHigh to Ultra
Huawei Honor View 10HiSilicon Kirin 970 6GB3,750mAhHigh to Ultra
LG V30Snapdragon 8354GB3,300mAhHigh to Ultra
Nokia 8 Snapdragon 835 4GB 3,090mAhHigh to Ultra


Php 15K – 20K

OnePlus 3TSnapdragon 8216GB3,400mAhHigh to Ultra
Xiaomi Mi 5S PlusSnapdragon 8214GB3,800mAhHigh to Ultra
Huawei Nova 2iKirin 6594GB3,340mAhHigh
Motorola G5s PlusSnapdragon 6254GB3,000mAhHigh
Huawei Honor 8Kirin 9504GB3,000mAhHigh
OPPO F3MediaTek MT67504GB3,200mAhHigh
Vivo V7 PlusSnapdragon 4504GB3,225mAhHigh
ASUS Zenfone 4 (SD 630)Snapdragon 6304GB3,300mAhHigh
Lenovo Moto Z PlaySnapdragon 6253GB3,510mAhHigh
LG Q6+Snapdragon 4354GB3,000mAhHigh
Samsung Galaxy J7+MediaTek Helio P204GB3,000mAhHigh
Sony Xperia XA1 UltraMediaTek Helio P204GB2,700mAhHigh


Php 10K – 15K

Xiaomi Mi Max 2Snapdragon 6254GB5300mAhHigh
Lenovo Vibe P2Snapdragon 6253GB/4GB5,100mAhHigh
Infinix Zero 4 PlusMediaTek Helio X204GB4,000mAhMid to High
Meizu 6 ProMediaTek Helio X254GB 2560mAhMid to High
OPPO F1sMediaTek MT67503GB3,075mAhMid
Huawei GR5Kirin 6553GB3,340mAhMid
Samsung J7 PrimeExynos 78703GB3300mAhMid
LG Q6Snapdragon 4353GB3,000mAhMid
Nokia 6Snapdragon 4304GB3,000mAhMid
Sony Xperia XA1MediaTek Helio P203GB2,300mAhMid


Php 3K – 10K

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4XSnapdragon 6253GB4100mAhMid to High
Cloudfone NextSnapdragon 4304GB3,000mAhMid to High
Asus Zenfone 4 MaxSnapdragon 4303GB5,000mAhMid to High
Huawei GR3Kirin 6553GB3,000mAhMid
OPPO A39MediaTek MT67503GB2900mAhLow to Mid
Vivo V5 LiteMediaTek MT67503GB3,000mAhLow to Mid
Samsung Galaxy J7Exynos 78702GB3,000mAhLow to Mid
Nokia 5Snapdragon 4302GB3000mAhLow to Mid


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So that wraps up our list of the Best Phones for Gaming 2018! Of course, we know this list is not 100% complete (although we tried our very best), so we are now asking you, have we let a capable phone off the list? Are there better settings for some of the phones that we included? Comment your suggestions or advice below! Got questions? Fire away at the comments! We will try our best to answer them, and who knows, some of our other gamers might be able to answer them, too. And also, phone prices may vary in some stores so it’s best that you inquire with them first.


Let us know your opinion as we will be updating this list regularly all throughout the year. Game on, players!