The definitive list of the 11 most popular Battle Royale PC Games in 2018

Battle Royale PC games are, once again, rising in popularity. After a few years being a little bit under the radar and only patronized in the modding community, battle royale games are once again in the limelight thanks to a slew of new games. It has also been buoyed by the recent explosion of the genre in mobile, most of which are versions of their PC counterparts (see our 13 Most Popular Battle Royale Mobile Games in 2018 list).


The genre has become so popular that even industries not traditionally linked to gaming such as professional sports are taking notice. For those looking to get in on the battle royale wave, we’ve listed the most popular battle royale PC games this 2018 for you! Take a look!

Battle Royale PC Games 2018

1. Fortnite Battle Royale

Want some cartoonish visuals on your 100-man massacres? Fortnite is your game. It’s Battle Royale mode takes you to a whole new level where you can ditch all the gritty realism for vibrant colors and soft edges. In Fortnite, you’ll also be able to harvest resources and build structures like houses to camp in, walls for cover, traps to deal damage, and ramps to help you climb up mountains. This is a battle royale game for those who like to get creative. The gameplay puts the emphasis on resource-gathering throughout the match. Being able to build also means opportunities for unconventional tactics. Pinned down behind a tree? Pull out your pickaxe, gather a few logs, and build yourself a wall that will give you a bit more protection. Need a sneaky way of getting to an opponent? Try building a series of ramps to flank them from an unexpected angle.

Developed by: Gearbox Publishing

Published by: Epic Games

Release Date: July 21, 2017


2. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground or PUBG started as a mod for the ARMA game series, and while it didn’t invent the battle royale game mode, PUBG became the pioneer of the genre and brought it to heights that no one expected. PUBG is the very game that made battle royale so popular in gaming today. While some games opted for fresh new takes on the genre such as different graphics types or gameplay modifications, PUBG remained unchanged and true to its roots as a survival mod in ARMA. Yes, PUBG has removed multiple aiming stances, bleeding, fatigue and among others from the mods, but in turn, PUBG is more streamlined and less busy while keeping elements like weapon recoil, bullet drop, slow healing or revival, and randomness of the weapons and final location which made (and continue to make) it a hit.

Developed and Published: PUBG Corporation

Release Date: December 21, 2017


3. H1Z1 : King of the Hill

H1Z1: King of the Kill is a much lighter and more accessible battle royale game – there are fewer weapons, no attachments, and you don’t get to choose where you parachute in from. That last point is particularly important as it means you’re always dropping into the map with several other players, leading to a manic scramble for guns and gear, and a hefty amount of bloodshed in the match’s opening few seconds. H1Z1’s gunplay is more akin to that of an arcade shooter. Shooting feels basic, but there’s still plenty of nuance to land shots and engage targets at range that you can only learn through hours of trial and error. The fact that you get hundreds of potential targets to hone your shooting skills on certainly helps.

Developed and Published: Daybreak Games

Release Date: February 18, 2016


4. Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing is a free-to-play battle royale game with a surprising amount of depth and gameplay features. The setup fits the battle royale formula to the letter: 100 players spawn in, forage for guns and gear, and kill until there’s only one person left. What Last Man Standing lacks in vehicles, it more than makes up for in weapons and attachments. Its gunplay is nowhere near as polished, however. If you’re struggling to convince three mates to invest in paid battle royale games, Last Man Standing is a solid, free, and fun alternative.

Developed and Published: Free Reign Entertainment

Release Date: March 29, 2017


5. The Culling

The Culling is a first-person, melee-focused twist on the genre. The combat is basic but brutal. The setting is a gamified jungle, complete with a stadium, giant floating scoreboard, and The Culling branding everywhere you look. You won’t find much in the way of firearms in The Culling, and the assault rifles and SMGs you do come across will come with few rounds. The emphasis here is on crafting rudimentary weapons, traps, and finding rarer treats like chainsaws and dynamite. There are also far fewer enemies to stab, chop, and beat your way through in order to get the win – only 16 contestants fight it out in this battle royale game. The melee-focused gameplay and smaller player count makes The Culling an ideal battle royale game for The Hunger Games fans out there.

Developed and Published: Xavier Games

Release Date: October 6, 2017


6. ARMA III: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mod

Like its revered predecessors,  ARMA III is a massive, open-world sandbox game where players engage in military objectives, combat, rescue, evacuation, etc. Be warned, ARMA III isn’t an arcade shooter, and if you think you can go lone wolf, you will die in the first few seconds. ARMA III is a simulator with realistic mechanics like bullet drop, positional audio, fatigue, stamina, environmental hazards, and many more. The lifeblood of the ARMA series is its content creation engine that lets players create unique military scenarios and mods for a more varied experience. ARMA III is known as the PlayerUnknown’s Battle Royale Mod. The mod version of this game, especially the Battle Royale mod, is still available and it’s still being played thousands around the world.

Developed and Published: Bohemia Interactive

Release Date: March 5, 2013


7. Minecraft: The Hunger Games

It was only a matter of time before somebody made a version of The Hunger Games in Mojang’s family-oriented sandbox game, Minecraft. That creative freedom means there are hundreds upon hundreds of maps, arena styles, weapon, and armor setups, and rules to keep the experience varied depending on which Minecraft server you decide to play on. Rather than players spawning or dropping into the map at random points, most Minecraft survival games servers pay tribute to the blockbuster franchise by spawning players in a circle around a huge cache of weapons – when the timer hits zero, it’s anyone’s game. Rush to the weapons and risk dying in the immediate fray, or hope to scavenge one from a corpse later on, it’s your split-second choice. Minecraft survival games are a solid battle royale experience, and the sheer number of custom variants ensures every niche is served.

Developed and Published: Mojang AB

Release Date: May 10, 2009


8. Grand Theft Auto Online – Motor Wars

Grand Theft Auto Online is the multiplayer component of Grand Theft Auto V where players engage in various missions, activities, or generally screw around with 30 other players. Within GTA Online, there is a game mode called Motor Wars. Its concept is similar to battle royale games, but the difference is, vehicular combat takes center stage. This is a team-based game mode where you and your team must find weapons and vehicles and explore the battlefield to eliminate enemy teams. Players drop to a specified location, scavenge for weapons, and commandeer vehicles ranging from armored cars to trucks with gun turrets. This game mode is more fast-paced and won’t take much of your time compared to other battle royale games, and it’s perfect for anyone who just wants a quick vehicular slaughter with friends.

Developed and Published: Rockstar Games

Release Date: November 18, 2014


9. Rust: Battle Royale

This is a game where hundreds of people go around thwacking each other with rocks, usually while wearing nothing but their birthday suit. Considering that the whole point of Rust is to survive in a harsh environment as you scrounge for resources and fend off any competition, then, it was inevitable that someone would set up an unofficial Battle Royale server for the game at some point. In Rust: Battle Royale, players spawn on the edge of the map (nude, of course), with nothing but a torch, bandage, and a map to keep them company. What follows is a ruthless dog-eat-dog quest to stay alive at any cost, as the combat zone slowly begins to shrink. Its Battle Royale mode is absolutely terrifying, so much so that you’re more likely to be running around like a headless chicken than engaging in strategic combat.

Developed and Published: Facepunch Studios

Release Date: February 9, 2018


10. Warface Battle Royale

Warface is a team-based coop shooter game that uses a free-to-play model. While there’s a competitive mode, the bulk of the game is centered around completing objectives with your team against AI opponents. While the game has the same modes, weapons, gunplay, and other elements, Warface is still a fun distraction that won’t cost you a cent. Warface also has its Battle Royale mode, but this game takes on a more fast-paced approach, with only 16 players and with matches that end in just a few minutes.In this regard, Warface Battle Royale is an entry-level battle royale game that is easy to pick up for beginners.

Developed by: Crytek,

Published by: Crytek

Release Date: November 22, 2017


11. Unturned: Arena Mode

Unturned is a free-to-play zombie game that boasts some particularly polished and realistic gunplay. Unturned has an Arena Mode, an official game mode that cuts the player count down to 16, and takes place on one of four small maps. Brace yourselves for  Unturned: Arena Mode’s blocky art style – it is a hardcore shooter deep down, and that shows in its breadth of weapons and attachments. The fact that there are four distinct maps to fight in also adds an extra level of skill, as different tactics and map knowledge come into play. If you’re after a less gritty battle royale game, but still crave the high skill cap and realistic gunplay, then seek out Unturned: Arena Mode. Don’t worry, this is free.

Developed and Published: Smartly Dressed Games

Release Date: July 8, 2017


These are the battle royale games that are worth playing in PC this 2018! What do you think of our list? Are there other battle royale games out there that are worth checking out? Let us know through the comments and we might just include them in our list (which we will be updating regularly.)

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