Upcoming PC MMORPGs that will be getting mobile adaptations

The mobile gaming platform is now a hot spot for old and new PC MMORPG titles. With it’s massive customer base, mobile has become a way to revive old game franchises and reintroduce them to a new and younger audience. And hey, we’re not complaining! Not only do mobile gamers get the chance to play their beloved old school MMOs, but now, they can also play it anytime, anywhere! So for those belonging in this category, here are the upcoming PC MMORPG games that will be getting a mobile adaptation.


10. Rohan Mobile

Currently, in development by NX3 Games, Rohan is one of the PC MMO that hits hard in the nostalgia factor. An innovator of the MMO genre in its glory days, the game gave players a multitude of classes to choose from and even different builds to create, making it one of the games with the least constraining class systems ever. Want to have a battle healer? Build it! A tank class that also deals high damage? You can do it! With the mobile version under active development, will it capture its glory days once again and pull in old and new Rohan fans alike?

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