Upcoming PC MMORPGs that will be getting mobile adaptations

The mobile gaming platform is now a hot spot for old and new PC MMORPG titles. With it’s massive customer base, mobile has become a way to revive old game franchises and reintroduce them to a new and younger audience. And hey, we’re not complaining! Not only do mobile gamers get the chance to play their beloved old school MMOs, but now, they can also play it anytime, anywhere! So for those belonging in this category, here are the upcoming PC MMORPG games that will be getting a mobile adaptation.

9. Tera Classic

Tera Classic was announced back in February 2018 and has now resurfaced in 2019 under Kakao Games and will be developed by Lantu Games. The game will be based on the original PC MMO with much of the features being ported to mobile, but it will be given a brand new storyline. It will also receive brand new features that only the mobile gaming platform can pull off. Netmarble already has their own mobile game called Tera M but it will be different from Tera Classic, so don’t get confused. Lantu Games and Kakao are hoping to release it in South Korea some time in 2019.  There is no mention about a global release just yet.

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