AxE: Alliance VS Empire starts global pre-registration and offers tons of freebies

Nexon Mobile has just announced the start of the pre-registration for its newest MMORPG – AxE: Alliance VS Empire. Created by the company’s in-house developers Nexon RED, AxE: Alliance VS Empire promises to differentiate itself from the numerous MMORPGs available with its mix of immersive gameplay and unique game modes.


AxE: Alliance VS Empire is set in an epic fantasy world where two factions are fighting for their faith and for the future of their people. The Empire wishes to revive the exiled Gods who they believe will save their race. The Alliance, on the other hand, is a group of people from all over the continent who want to stop the Empire, believing that they don’t need governance from higher beings. Each faction has different classes which make the game not only diverse but will also force players to think ahead and choose carefully which side they will be on:


  • Slayer – The femme fatale offensive class for the Alliance faction. They wield Katana-like swords that they use to execute beautifully with deadly skills and attacks.
  • Titans – Behemoths of the battlefield. Their weapon of choice is two one-handed axes wielded with deadly efficiency. They focus on crowd control and tanking.
  • Archer – With deadly precision, they focus on long-range attacks as well as offering an array of support skills that greatly benefit their teammates.


  • Knight – With a strong determination to protect allies, the Knight class is always at the forefront of the battlefield, shielding its allies and giving them support whenever needed.
  • Warrior – Wielding a huge two-handed sword, Warriors focus on crowd control and destroying enemy lines with a plethora of status-inducing skills.
  • Mage – Mages are the heavy hitters of the Empire, focused on offensive and range skills, they are feared in the battlefield despite their petite figure.

AxE: Alliance VS Empire also features special combat areas in the huge and immersive open world setting. You can go either go about your quest and avoid enemies, or seek them out and PK them. There are also a number of competitive game modes, and PvPs can be a small 4 vs 4 matchup and can go up to massive 75 vs 75 battles. The game also has the usual MMORPG features like guilds, with 22 unique areas to explore (and still growing with each update), console-quality graphics, deep character customization, team management, costumes, and many more.

You can pre-register for the global launch at and those who will take part will get 100 White Diamonds, 50,000 Gold, and 1 Rare Armor Box when the game launches. Players can also pre-register in the Google Play Store to grab an additional 50 White Diamonds. Since the game already has South Korean and Japanese versions, both countries are excluded from the worldwide release along with China and Vietnam. Prior to the global launch, AxE: Alliance VS Empire has already soft-launched in countries like the Philippines, Australia, Malaysia, and New Zealand. To make it fair for players in other countries, Nexon Mobile will offer multiple servers when it launches globally.