Blade and Soul 2, cross-platform MMORPG opens pre-registration in South Korea!

Blade and Soul 2, the indirect sequel to popular action-oriented MMORPG by NCSoft has opened its pre-registration phase in South Korea along with a brand new cinematic trailer as well as additional information about the upcoming cross-platform title.


Blade and Soul 2 is an indirect sequel to the highly popular Blade and Soul franchise by South Korean game developers, NCSoft, the same people behind Lineage. The events of the game will still be set in the same universe but the narrative will follow a brand new storyline where the heroes from the first installment have become legends in their own right. Time has passed and a new journey begins to unfold, new threats have arisen, and a great destiny is starting to unravel. Just like the first installment, B&S2 will have a core focus on intense combat with some pretty darn fancy executions, a huge open world to explore, and an epic storyline that sees past events echo through time. Check out the official cinematic trailer here:

The game also introduces brand new features to the franchise that players will surely love.

  • There will be no more fixed class in the game. Instead, players can freely switch from one weapon to another. Current revealed weapons include Axe, Gauntlets, Sword, Bow and Arrows, Force (magic), and Ritual Bell.
  • The combat system has now evolved. Players will now need to give more attention to blocking and dodging enemy attacks as well as enemy weaknesses.
  • Enemies will now have different behaviors in the game. Their attack patterns, movements, and responses will change depending on the player’s actions in combat.
  • The environment and the terrain will play a big part in the combat system. This is not clear yet but we can speculate a few things about this feature. For example, if a bow user shoots in higher terrain, they will deal more damage or have more accuracy.
  • There’s a bunch of World Boss the players can discover and raid. Once you defeat these enemies, your name will be etched in the game’s lore.

The new game features sounds a lot like Monster Hunter’s mechanics, doesn’t it? But hey, that works and we’re not complaining. Blade and Soul 2 is set to launch later this year in South Korea for PC and mobile devices with cross-platform support included. Do remember that NCSoft made this game with the GLOBAL AUDIENCE in mind. This means, right from the start, they have developed the game to eventually release globally after its Korean launch so an English version is likely not far off. This is because NCSoft has found more success and popularity overseas with the first B&S installment and, of course, the Lineage franchise. You can check out their official pre-registration site for more information!