Historical strategy game, Company of Heroes officially launching soon for mobile!

Building on its lauded debut on iPad earlier this year, Feral Interactive has today announced that the groundbreaking World War II real-time strategy game Company of Heroes will be released on September 10th for iPhone and Android.  


Company of Heroes offers players an epic WWII campaign, with gameplay comprised of intense squad-based battles that progress from the D-Day landings through to the liberation of Normandy. Designed for phones, this version of the game allows mobile gamers to direct all the action from a user interface highly tailored to touch controls.

Company of Heroes is a premium game with no in-app purchases and will be available from the App Store and Google Play Store for a single purchase of $13.99 / £13.99 / €14,99 on Thursday, September 10th.

Company of Heroes is officially supported on all iPhones released since the iPhone 6S, and owners of the iPad version will be able to install the iPhone version at no extra cost. On Android, the game is officially supported on the following devices:

Google Pixel 2 or better, Samsung Galaxy S8 or better, Samsung Galaxy Note8 or better, OnePlus 5T / 6T / 7 / 8, Sony Xperia 1 / XZ2 Compact, HTC U12+, LG V30+, Motorola Moto Z2 Force, Nokia 8, Xiaomi Mi 6 / Mi 9 / Mi 9T, Xiaomi Pocophone F1, Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro.

Company of Heroes will officially launch on September 10. The game is available on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store for certain regions so better check if yours is included. Relive the struggles of World War II, strategize and execute your battle plans, and discover the brave heroes that shaped the world that we know today.