Fairy Tail: Forces Unite coming soon to mobile! Free SS class Ezra when you sign up!

Fairy Tail Mobile

It’s time to embark on your FAIRY TAIL adventure with the power of friendship cause Garena, in collaboration with manga publisher Kodansha, has announced that FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite!, a mobile RPG based on the popular Japanese manga/anime series will be coming soon in SEA region!


Take part in a magical adventure beautifully recreated from the original series by mangaka, Hiro Mashima.

The game will feature the same beloved characters and voice actors from the original FAIRY TAIL animation. Partner up with your favorite characters as you relive the series’ iconic storylines and scenes, beautifully recreated for mobile. Combining turn-based strategy gameplay with classic RPG elements, players will be set on a magical journey together with Magnolia’s strongest guild!

Featuring turn-based combat gameplay, a clash of classes will soon erupt

FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite! will feature exciting turn-based combat gameplay. Players will begin their adventure by choosing from 8 original characters and 9 class types, each with its own distinct traits and abilities. Your arsenal of skills will include FAIRY TAIL classics such as Natsu’s “Fire Dragon’s Roar” and Gray’s “Ice-Make: Lance”. Test your wits in battle as you combine magic beasts, battle formations, and skill sequences to conquer difficult quests and march towards victory! Choose from 9 original classes and start your magical adventure Use different strategies to build your strongest team!

Pre-registration event is now available!

Pre-register for “FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite!” now on the official website and stand a chance to receive the SS-Class Erza character. Invite your friends to pre-register on Garena’s official website to unlock additional prizes! Select from three rewards such as exclusive titles. What’s more, pre-registered players can win FAIRY TAIL merchandise by participating in the “Wizard Registration” event on the official Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels. Just leave a comment with a screenshot of your successful pre-registration to stand a chance to win. Pre-register now to start the first chapter of your journey!

Fairy Tail: Forces Unite will be available for Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines once officially launched. Don’t forget to pre-register now via the official website so you don’t miss the SS-Class Erza character once the target number of pre-registrations is reached!