Fallout Shelter Online, the sequel to the popular fallout spinoff is coming soon to mobile

Bethesda’s mobile game Fallout Shelter was and still is a huge hit ever since it came out for mobile devices. And now, the game’s sequel will be launching soon, promising new content and mechanics that will entice not only the fans of sim management games but role-playing games as well.


Officially titled as Fallout Shelter Online, it serves as a direct sequel to Fallout Shelter sim management game for mobile. It’s basically China’s Fallout Shelter that was released back in 2017 that now supports the English language. The core elements of the sequel are pretty much the same as the original: you’ll become the new overseer of a vault, you’ll manage your inhabitant’s happiness, hunger, and thirst, and expand your vault. Sounds pretty much the same as the original, right? Here’s where the RPG element comes in. In the first game, you can explore a number of areas to loot. In the sequel, this is further bolstered as there will be a huge world with numerous areas to scavenge. Be careful though as there’s plenty of dangers lurking around these areas. Deathclaw nest, anyone?

Another new feature that will be introduced in the game is the gacha system where you can test your RNG luck and collect different fallout characters of a different rarity to create a team of 4. They can do a number of stuff including exploring and participate in PVP matches. The gacha system has its fans and haters, to be perfectly honest. So this will probably make or break the game. Nevertheless, if you’ve played the first Fallout Shelter, then you know how fun the game is. It didn’t reach over 10 million downloads for anything.

Game features:

  • Experience the futuristic world of the Fallout series on mobile devices for the first time, and add your own chapter onto that story.
  • Recruit all of the legendary heroes you loved from the Fallout series! Encounter super rare and powerful heroes such as Nick Valentine, the famous synthetic private detective.
  • Embark on an exciting new adventure on the Wasteland! Track down the missing former overseer of your Vault. On this journey, you will visit familiar places such as the Red Rocket and Diamond City. You will be facing ferocious foes such as raiders, super mutants, and even Deathclaws.
  • Try different combinations of heroes to unlock their “Bond” effects which brings great combat bonuses to your team. Different “Bond” effects grant unique advantages toward different kinds of enemies. Adjust your strategy wisely and battle your way around the Wasteland!
  • Meet new friends when you are wondering on the Wasteland, and challenge them in the Combat Zone. You can also challenge players presenting on the leaderboard and win your way up.

Fallout Shelter Online’s pre-registration is now open for both Android and iOS. The game will be published by GaeaMobile, launching soon for Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, and The Philippines. There’s no official release date mentioned but the iOS app store’s expected date is April 22, so that’ not that far off before you can finally play the game. Will you become a great overseer?