Hack and Slash game Path Of Exile is coming to mobile

The hack and slash, dungeon crawler game Path of Exile is coming to mobile. It was announced by Grinding Gear Games CEO, Chris Wilson through a video on their official Youtube channel during ExileCon 2019, Path of Exile’s very own convention.


Path of Exile has been highly popular in the western market, but not so much in Asia. So if you’re from that region, here’s a bit of a summary about the game. As already mentioned above, the genre of Path of Exile is a hack and slash dungeon crawler. Right off the bat, you’re gonna get an idea that this game might be pretty similar to Diablo, and you’re right. It borrows very heavily from the franchise particularly Diablo 2.

The game is set in a dark fantasy world. Players will wake up in the shores of Wraeclast, a continent that once was the center of a mighty empire but is now a cursed land which serves as a penal colony for criminals and other unwanted individuals from the nearby Island of Oriath. Regardless of the reasons for their exile, the player must now face the unforgiving wilderness and its dangerous inhabitants amidst the crumbling ruins and bloody secrets of the Eternal Empire and the Vaal civilization that came before, and band together with other exiles to survive.

Players will choose a character profession and go on adventures through numerous enemy-infested areas like fields, caves, and dungeons, finishing NPC quests, pushing further through the story, at the same time, gathering loot along the way, acquiring better gear and making your character level up to become stronger. The game has a single-player mode as well as multiplayer. The multiplayer mode, just like with Diablo 2 will see a party teleported to a newly generated isolated map for them to explore together. Although we’re not sure if this will be the same for the mobile version. Path of Exile provides 6 playable classes: Duelist, Marauder, Ranger, Shadow, Templar, and Witch. 

Grinding Gear’s CEO Chris, and Technical Director Jonathan Rogers admitted that they were not fans of the current mobile trends of mobile games having a ton of microtransactions, at the same time, they also stated that these were the same problems they faced during Path of Exile’s development. And so this pushed their team to do what they did for the PC version and bring something very similar to the upcoming mobile version.

“Mobile games are kind of B.S. right? Pay-to-win microtransactions, time gates, energy bars, random nag screens, notifications, video ads. There’s really a lot of evil garbage going on with mobile games today, but in 2012 when we first released Path of Exile on PC, you really could have said the same thing about a lot of free-to-play games there too. Back then, we really felt like we could do free-to-play on PC without all of that player-hostile stuff. So we thought, ‘you know, maybe we can do the same thing for mobile.”

Jonathan Rogers, Technical Director, Grinding Gear Games

Grinding Gear Games promised that Path of Exile Mobile will stay true and be almost an entire port of the PC version with minor tweaks to optimize the game for touch controls. There’s no release date yet but Chris Wilson promised that the game will be a stand-alone title and it will not have a crossover or affect any current Path of Exile titles out in the market.