League of Legends: Wild Rift to begin regional beta test this September!

LOL: Wild Rift

Riot’s Brian Feeney is back with some pretty heavy League of Legends: Wild Rift update and the dates for the Regional Closed Beta Tests that will begin this September! But first, let’s dive into the new updates cause you seriously don’t wanna miss it.


Feeney began the update with a recap of the Alpha Test that started back in June saying that it did really well with players giving positive feedbacks, saying the game truly feels like the original LOL PC. Feeney followed this with giving a reassurance that they have been continuing to develop the game with feedback and suggestions from the Alpha testers in mind. With that said, the team which includes Ed Knapp, Christina Wun, Jane Chen, and David Xu shared what they’ve been doing these past months.

Rank System

The rank system will unlock at level 10. Wild Rift’s rank tiers closely resemble the PC version but with a new additional tier called Emerald which is between Platinum and Diamond. Another addition is the rank fortitude which you can fill up by playing well in rank. Once full, it will grant you a shield of sorts that protects you from losing rank marks when you lose a match. This isn’t infinite tho. Fortitude will have weekly caps so it won’t be abused. Rank matchmaking has also been tweaked for a better team matchup. Remember, the only way to test if these new systems truly work is when you play and give feedback so remember that this is still a test and that Riot is still tweaking a lot of stuff which if you haven’t noticed, is for you.

Free to play friendly

Riot as per their own words is “serious at making Wild Rift Free-To-Play friendly.” They will not lock anything behind a paywall and skins will not have any advantages (additional stat when equipped, etc) beyond cosmetic changes. They will not offer you champions locked behind a purchase, stat boosters, and any other items that are deemed to be paywall content. As you play, you’ll earn Blue Motes that you can use to purchase various stuff including champions. There’s also the Poro Coins, another currency that will let you buy certain in-game emotes and various skins. Of course, there will be a premium currency in the game, but all the purchasable content is optional and will not impact nor give advantages to a player.

New tweaks in gameplay

Jane Chen, the lead for the in-game team gave some pretty vital information about the tweaks they made in the gameplay:

  • Turrets are now sturdier and will be harder to destroy.
  • Added a new advanced control setup in the settings menu to fine-tune your controls even further.
  • A new semi-lock camera feature that lets you move the default camera view immediately making it easier for targeting enemies that you cannot see when your champion is at the center of your screen. Think of it as your mouse scrolling away from your champion to view an area more clearly.
  • Screen view will now automatically pan towards the area your skill shot is aiming at making it more easier to accurately hit a target.
  • Global ultimate skills will now be easier to aim and hit a target with an additional mini camera view popping up to automatically check the area you targeted without having to pan your whole screen to that area effectively removing the risks of leaving your champion unseen.
  • Minimap movement. Just tap an area on the minimap and you’ll automatically move there.
  • Custom button layout.

New champions

To no one’s surprise, Yasuo has been tweaked. Even the mobile version, this guy causes problems. 6 new champions will be added to the Regional Beta Test and they are all fan Favorites.

  • Dr. Mundo, the madman of Zaun
  • Sona, maven of the strings
  • Jarvan IV, the exemplar of Demacia
  • Singed, the mad chemist
  • Varus, the arrow of retribution
  • Amumu, the sad mummy

Finally, they will be including more players for the Regional Closed Beta. This will include countries from Southeast Asia: Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and The Philippines.

  • September 16: Indonesia (testing with a very small number of invites)
  • September 18: Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand
  • Early October: Closed Beta pauses for a few days, and accounts are fully reset

The Regional Closed Beta will primarily be on Android, but players can head over to the Wild Rift website to sign up for a chance to enter a small test on iOS alongside the Closed Beta. If you’re selected, you’ll get an email with further instructions. 

Just like in the Alpha, players will be randomly selected to participate so there’s still no guarantee you can play this time around. But if you were able to playback in the Alpha test, you are automatically qualified to enter Regional Beta and start playing.
That’s it for now. The Regional Beta Test will run for a few weeks. There’s no official date as to when it will be closed but it will probably end around early to mid-October. For more information visit their official social media page and official website.