Lumia Saga – the 3D mobile MMORPG with the cutest visuals ever – is coming soon to SEA

Lumia Saga MMORPG

Buckle up and get ready to receive a bucket-full of cuteness! The 3D open-world MMORPG mobile game with probably the cutest art style ever – Lumia Saga – is coming soon to Southeast Asia. Published by Century Games, the game will see you embark on a free-exploring open world journey with your friends.


Unlike other mobile MMOs, this cute (have we said that enough?) mobile MMO focuses on teamplay. So if you’re the type that just loves to be in a party and go on expeditions with your guild, Lumia Saga is right up your alley. 

Lumia Saga offers 8 kinds of ultimate classes and attributes you can use and master. You can also switch between classes based on your current needs. No tanker? Switch it up! Lacking in damage? Just switch classes! It’s that easy! Here are some of the awesome classes you can choose from:


Well trained in offense and defense. Has skills for reducing damage received by teammates, as well as increasing the party’s damage output.

Swordsmen are those who have devoted themselves to studying the blade. Their mastery of armed combat leaves oracles and mages stunned in the arena.

Guardians have the highest survivability and control the flow of combat from the center of the action. Guardians challenge their enemies, drawing damage away from their teammates and soaking up damage with defensive maneuvers.

They wield the primordial power of Thunder into their Giant Hammer. Adjudicators wade into battle, amid both single-target and large group battles. They are the bravest of all warriors in the arena.

Any proper mage must be familiar with the arcane laws governing the manipulation of elemental forces. Fire, ice, and lightning bend to their will, complimented by spells that offer protection, and high-damage AOE skills for crowd control.

Instantly recovering strength for teammates, or weakening the enemy with hexing spells. Along with Oracles, they are a primary means of supporting classes with lower Survivability.

They use the divine light to heal teammates and bless them with various buffs. The healing magic of the Oracle is infamous across Lumia, having been used to turn battles at key moments throughout history.

Their magic is defined by its explosive effects. As it turns out, the presence of Scholars on the battlefield tend to have the same result. They excel at single-target high damage spells.

There are tons of game modes for players to challenge including the instance and world boss, strategical PvP in the arena, and massive PvP battles all in real-time with precise hit feedback and gameplay.

There’s also a unique customization/crafting system for attributes which the game claims can shape your items at will. And don’t forget, NPCs in the game can be your friends as well! Give them gifts to increase their positive feelings towards you and they may bring about unexpected surprises!

Lumia Saga is expected to launch soon for Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines. The game is currently in the pre-registration phase for Android and iOS. You can either visit your respective app store or check out their official website to signup! Don’t forget to follow Enduins for more gaming news and info!