Nano Legends, real-time 3D tower rush strategy game out now for iOS

Game publisher Nimble Neuron launches its latest mobile game, Nano Legends for iPhone and iPad players in over 170 countries.


Nano Legends is a 3D Tower Rush Champion Brawl that takes place in an antique shop where, for the past millennium, a witch named Aillai collected a bunch of priceless antiques. She uses them to bring little characters, called Nanos, to life. You will take on the role of a Gigas and actively intervene to help them fight in their endless war against each other. In this one-of-a-kind tower rush game, you send “troopers” to battle, use miracles, and most importantly, control your Champion. 

The game consists of fast-paced and thrilling PvP duels with players from all over the world. Players can also enjoy Adventures, with the PvE mode, based around the stories of each Champion. The goal? Destroy your enemy’s towers, win cards, collect units, and level them up. 13 champions, 49 troopers, 8 towers, and 23 miracles await, and more are on the way, with regular patches and updates planned for the following months.

Each champion, trooper, tower, miracle, and map is different. Your army will revolve around your champion and their special skills. Whether you play with Tuppi, the ice bender, or with Draxis, the void tamer, will change your strategy. And that’s without taking into consideration the diverse maps or the various towers, which all have unique abilities.

“We’re looking at a totally different game. Even though the core elements are the same, the story has been completely rewritten. We’ve also added more characters (including new towers, buildings, flying units) and so much more to discover! You can now play with one hand only, and that’s a real game-changer!”

Seonghun Song, Nano Legends director

You can download and play Nano Legends now for free by following this link. For more information, visit their official social media page!