Naruto: Slugfest SEA first day of launch suffers DDoS attack, Cubinet team doing their best rectifying the problems

Naruto Slugfest Cubinet

Naruto: Slugfest SEA‘s first day of launch is overwhelming. With a successful pre-registration event that reached over 3 million signups and a massive crowd vying their way to enter the game since servers opened, temptations ran high for fans of the franchise and, to our dismay, malevolent people as well.


In a recent announcement from publisher Cubinet Interactive, the open-world mobile MMORPG, was under a DDoS attack, targeting their game server stability, player access, and gaming experience of the fans. The unexpected volume of players who are all eager to play Naruto: Slugfest and the huge success it has radiated through the gaming community most likely became a huge target for these hostile actions. They have been relentlessly fending off the DDoS attack since it started. But what is a DDoS attack and why is it such a big deal for online companies?

DDoS stands for “distributed denial-of-service” attack. A malicious attempt to disrupt normal traffic of a server, service or network by overwhelmingly flooding their victims with internet traffic. It’s basically like a rush-hour traffic jam on a highway only worse cause you’re one of the million passengers stuck in it. You can’t go to your desired destination I.E. entering Naruto: Slugfest’s servers and playing the game as a result. DDoS attacks are never a good thing and it only aims to disrupt, destroy, and tarnish the service reputations of their targets which sometimes leads to misunderstanding, or worse.

Despite these malicious attempts disrupt the game’s service, Cubinet’s security measures, and game devs were able to drop the frequency of DDoS attacks by a huge margin of 83%. Not an easy feat to pull off in such a short amount of time, no doubt. The company also stated that their partners and the technical engineering team are closely monitoring the status of the game as well as developing short and long term solutions should these attacks happen again.

As of this writing, Naruto: Slugfest SEA servers are now stable and playable but expect heavy traffic when trying to enter the game since a lot of gamers are currently in cue. Cubinet Interactive has promised and assured its community that it will strengthen its network infrastructure and automated monitoring to detect the people who are doing this and prevent another attack. Additionally, the company has assured players that their game accounts are safe. Compensations will be given once everything is back to normal. Naruto: Slugfest is available now for both Android and iOS devices. If you’re a huge Naruto fan, give this open-world MMO a try!