Aladdin: Lamp Guardians, an Arabian fantasy-inspired mobile RPG, starts CBT period!

First Arabian-themed mobile MMO - Aladdin: Lamp Guardians - is now in CBT phase and promises a unique and rich experience!
Lumia Saga MMORPG

Lumia Saga – the 3D mobile MMORPG with the cutest visuals ever – is...

Uber-cute mobile MMORPG Lumia Saga is set to conquer Southeast Asia as it starts its pre-registration phase.
Gamevil RPG Elune

Gamevil to release Elune, a self-developed collectible strategy RPG

Gamevil to release new mobile collectible strategy RPG, Elune. Pre-registration for google play is now ongoing.
Dead by Daylight Mobile

Multiplayer horror game Dead By Daylight is officially coming to mobile!

Multiplayer survival horror game Dead By Daylights gets a mobile adaptation, to launch soon for Android and iOS.

Disorder: Netease’s brand new mobile shooter game will enter CBT soon

NetEase announces new closed beta period schedules for different countries for their brand-new third-person mobile shooter Disorder.
King of Kings CBT

King of Kings SEA opens limited closed beta testing period for Android

Game publisher Zloong announces CBT period for their brand new mobile MMO King of Kings in Southeast Asia.

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