Upcoming Freestyle Mobile set to reignite streetball in the Philippines

PC game Freestyle Streetball is getting a mobile version with Freestyle Mobile - PH and is set to launch this year.

Laplace M officially launches today with a slight problem for Android users

Laplace M launches today for Android and iOS, but has encountered server problems with Google’s Play Store.

Diablo Immortal developers say the mobile game is “pretty much ready” to launch this...

Blizzard and Netease confident that they will be able to successfully launch Diablo: Immortal this year, calling it “pretty much ready”.

Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls: Blades CBT and early access phase gets new target release...

Bethesda announces new target for the CBT and early access phase of its mobile first-person RPG The Elder Scrolls: Blade.

Classic PC MMO Silkroad Online gets a mobile version set to be released this...

Classic PC MMO Silkroad Online is confirmed to have a mobile version in the form of Silkroad Online Mobile and is set to be released within the year.

Tencent reveals China release date of Perfect World Mobile

Gaming giant Tencent has revealed the China release date for its new and upcoming MMORPG Perfect World Mobile. Read on for more details.
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