Perfect World VNG is launching a brand new class: Assassin

The untamed race has just introduced a new class: Assassin. Will they change the current situation in the massive world of Perfect World VNG?

The name Assassin says it all! The new class will be the symbol of speed, flexible and superior assassination capability. In Perfect World VNG, they are the killers in the dark with the ultimate melee skill.


In short, Assassins are tailored to eliminate their target as fast and quietly as possible. Being the master of individual fighting, they are capable of dealing with massive burst damage and then disengage smoothly, leaving their victims no chance to fight back.

Included in this latest version, Perfect World VNG introduces many other updates to improve gamers’ experiences. Together with the debut of Assassin, other classes also have their skills modified. Then you can try those changes in the new Dungeons – a new challenge for you to conquer. There’s also a new Equipment “Sack” – a useful way to power-up. Besides, the Untamed race will have a makeover with their new Skin: Leopard for Barbarian and Cat for Vulpine.

With this expansion, how the massive Perfect World VNG will change in the future? Just wait and see on this November 5th

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