Pokémon Masters has officially launched for Android and iOS

Pokemon Masters

Prepare to be the very best that no Trainer ever was cause Pokémon Masters has officially launched for the global market! Nintendo and DeNA Corp. is bringing all the iconic characters from all Pokémon game titles, old and new into one game, pitting them against each other to reveal who is the greatest Pokémon Master of them all!


Pokémon Masters is a mobile RPG developed by and published by DeNA Corp. in collaboration with Nintendo. The whole concept of the game is to gather all iconic Pokémon Trainers and Masters from different titles, together in one universe, in this case, the artificial island of Pasio where they will participate in the Pokémon Masters League to see who is the ultimate Pokémon Master.

Players will embark on an exciting journey of their own and meet different characters from the Pokémon universe along the way like the legendary Trainer, Red, and Professor Oak’s Grandson, Blue (Gary). Form a team of 3 trainers, each paired with a single Pokémon whom they have made a special bond with. This bond introduces a special feature called sync pairs where Pokémons can unleash powerful skills by filling special gauges while in combat. Additionally, Trainers have their own special skills as well which have different effects like boosting the attack of their partner and healing among others. 

With a lot of characters available in the game, different strategies can be formulated which in turn makes the game become challenging and nonrepetitive since you’ll need to constantly adjust your strategies according to your opponent. And since this team-based game, there will be various co-op and PvP modes available. Gather your friends, participate in exciting events, work together and emerge victoriously!

Pokémon Masters is available now for both Android and iOS. It is recommended that your device must have 2GB of RAM and at least Android OS 5.0 to 7.0 / 64 bit with 1.4 GB free space. Will Ash ever reach Pasio? Probably not. Download the game now and conquer the Masters League! Don’t forget to follow Enduins for more gaming news and info.