ROX: War of the Chosen Season 2 – The Season of Thor Begins!

Participate in the Event and Win Prizes Worth Over 60,000 USD!

ROX has announced Season 2 for the War of the Chosen. Starting at 05:00 today, players can register to participate in this special event. Unlike in Season 1, there are no requirements to participate in the event. This means that every player is allowed to create their own team and participate. ROX has prepared prizes totaling more than $60,000 USD for the Top 8 teams in the region! That’s not all – the winning team will also win an exclusive & limited-edition “Glorious” title that will be shown on all servers. Read on to find out more about the event!


ROX: War of the Chosen Season 2 – Season of Thor Officially Commences

Registration for ROX: War of the Chosen Season 2 is now live. Players can follow this link to register their team to participate in the event. The registration period starts at 05:00 on 6/20 and lasts until 20:59 on 6/26. For this event, there are no requirements to participate; all you need to do is to spend a certain number of crystals to form your very own team. Each team consists of 8 members and upon creation of your team, you will be automatically registered for the Server Qualifying Match at 21:00 on 06/26/2022.

The winning team from each server qualifier will get to participate in the Server Elimination Match, after which, the top 8 teams from the elimination stage will then compete in the championship. We can’t wait to see who will be crowned Season 2 Champion!

Contest Rules

For the Server Qualifying Match and Server Elimination Match, the games will be in a ‘best of 3’ format. Only one team from each server will proceed to the next round. 

Starting from the Main Server Quarterfinals, the games will be in a ‘best of 5’ format. Only the winning team will proceed to the next round and the final winner will eventually be crowned Champion!

For more detailed information on the match rules, make sure to check out the War of the Chosen Season 2 registration page

Prizes: Top 8 teams will receive up to $60,000 USD worth of prizes, and the Champion will receive a ‘Glorious’ title!

The winning team for War of the Chosen Season 2 will have their own exclusive Championship Sculpture that will be displayed in the main city on all servers for 1 month. 

The winning team will receive a contest exclusive reward: Thor’s Hammer (Mjölnir), as well as special, custom-designed Wings, Costumes, and a Championship trophy. Additionally, a Championship exclusive title will be displayed on the reward costume. Adventurers in the same server as the winning team will also receive an exclusive benefit; 2,000 Odin’s Blessings will be distributed to all players every day for one week.

As the official sponsor of ROX War of the Chosen S2, HUAWEI AppGallery has prepared rewards for the top 8 teams: all team members will also receive the following product reward sponsored by HUAWEI AppGallery:

a. Champion Team: HUAWEI P50 Pocket

b. Top 2 – Top 4: HUAWEI P50 Pro

c. Top 5 – Top 8: HUAWEI MatePad 10.8

Predict the Winner and Win Exclusive Rewards!

Starting from the single-server qualifying stage, all Players can use the “Chosen Medal” to predict the results of every match. All participants can obtain the corresponding number of Chosen Medals according to their rankings through different stages of the competition. Not only participants, but all players can receive more Chosen Medals through daily activities, monthly cards, KVM, etc.

For players who successfully predict the winners for each match, you will be rewarded more medals based on the percentage of the total medal. However, players who failed to predict the winning team will lose the medals they have used. Players can exchange their Chosen Medals in the Medal Shop for lots of In-game items and gifts.

During the Semifinals and Championship, HUAWEI AppGallery will sponsor an offline watch party for ROX players! Please check out the website for more information. And download ROX now and don’t forget to pre-register for the War of The Chosen Season 2 to join the party!