MMORPG Silkroad Online Mobile officially launches!

mmorpg Silkroad Mobile official launch

The official mobile spinoff of the classic PC MMORPG Silkroad Online – known as Silkroad Online Mobile – has finally launched and activated its EU server. Like the original PC version, the game is set in the 7th Century Silkroad, the famous trade route that spans from China to Europe. It is developed and operated by U1Game and is officially licensed by Joymax Korea.


In Silkroad Online Mobile, you’ll be choosing between three different classes that will ultimately determine your role in the game. Silkroad Online became popular because of its unique conflict between the merchant class, the warriors, and the thieves. This feature makes a return in the mobile version.

  • Heuksal – mid-range melee class who uses spears as its main weapon. They excel in crowd control and maintaining optimal fighting distance from enemies. Skills include Ghost Spear, Dragon Spear, and Dark Spear.
  • Bicheon – excels in stunning and has an array of debuff skills. They prefer to use a sword in combat. Skills include Sky Blade, Killing Heaven Blade, and Soul Leech.
  • Pacheon – long-range class that focuses on hit and run tactics as well as support. The bow is their main weapon of choice. Skills include Quaker Arrow, Autumn Dragon, Flower Heart.

A lot of the classic features will also be coming to the mobile version such as the Caravan Business, where you can take the great journey through the silk road and trade goods from east to west. While Merchants trade, the warriors must defend the Merchants, and the thieves can attack the two to gain loot. It’s the game’s version of a triple threat Player versus Player.

Additionally, the Door of Dimensions, Temple Contests, and Donhwang cave will also be present. There are also the Guild system and the Guild Wars, mounts, pets, and fashion (costumes).

Silkroad Online Mobile is available to download for both Android and iOS, or you can visit their official website for the download links. The devs have promised that the game will be available in more languages in the future as they slowly release Silkroad Online Mobile to more countries. Did you miss playing Silkroad Online? Try the mobile version out now and relive those journeys to the Silkroad!