Learn to manage your own medical team during the COVID-19 pandemic with Sim Hospital

Sim Hospital BuildIt just came out for Android and it cannot be more relevant than today when we’re currently facing a pandemic. Can you manage your Hospital and save lives like our front liners are doing right now?


Sim Hospital is fairly straightforward. It’s a simulation hospital where you can build your own medical building. You’ll start from humble beginnings from a village hospital, slowly upgrading into the town hospital, the city hospital, and finally to the world. You’ll be managing different departments and a full set of medical equipment that will allow you to plan your hospital just like in real life. Of course, you can forget the various chief physicians, nursing staff, cashiers, you need to hire by offering them reasonable salaries and arrangements. The goal is to cure more patients, and earn more income! Sim Hospital has this special feature where you will randomly trigger special events to deal with sudden emergencies and disasters much like what’s happening right now with the Corona Virus pandemic. Safe to say it’s a very small window to peek into and learn what our front liners are going through right now albeit reality is way more serious than a sim game.

Other game features:

  • Develop new medicines to solve more intractable diseases and help more patients stay away from diseases!
  • Offline state, the hospital can also operate normally and earn income!
  • Real, casual, and free to open all functions, all you need is your strategy and courage!

If all that sounds good to you head on over to the Google Play Store and download the game now. Who knows, you might learn a thing or two about life in the medical profession and how more important they are than you initially thought.