Vagary 5v5 MOBA tries new, never-before-seen card system

MOBA. Every time we hear this game genre, we are reminded of the three iconic lanes, the towers that must be destroyed, and heroes competing with each other to dominate the battlefield. Vagary is no exception to this formula, but it does have a unique twist. It has integrated a unique card-based system that makes the game unpredictable and strategic, bringing the game to a whole new level of MOBA experience.


About Vagary

Vagary is a five versus five mobile MOBA game developed and published by Vagary Studio. Just like other MOBA titles, the game is set in a three-lane map where the goal is to destroy the opposing team’s base.

What sets Vagary from other MOBA is the aforementioned card system, never before seen in any other titles in the genre. The equipment system, hero traits, and even the skills have all been replaced with cards. You might be scratching your head by now and wondering how will all this work in a MOBA setting? Let’s find out.

The Card System

Cards will be your bread and butter in the game. They are mainly used for heroes to upgrade their stats or power them up. But more importantly, they’re also used to customize them to the players’ play style and tactics. The four kinds of cards are as follows:

  • Ultimate – powerful skills that can turn the tides of battle.
  • Skills – a variety of different skills, aside from your hero skills, that has different effects.
  • Gear – unique items that a hero can equip.
  • Attributes – cards that can upgrade your hero stats.
  • Artifacts – these are special cards only dropped by elite gremlins.

These cards cannot be bought in some shop while on the map. Instead, they are randomly dropped during a match. You can get these cards by either leveling up, defeating a golden minion, golden gremlins, or enemy heroes, and by destroying towers. You’ll never know what kinds of cards you’ll get, making the game unpredictable in some ways. Because of this, players will not only need to understand and know how to use every card, but it also forces them to come up with crafty strategies and tactics on the spot.

Card upgrade

Cards can be upgraded by acquiring duplicates. Duplicate cards can be obtained from chests, which in turn can be obtained by finishing the daily quests, events, and other reward features (that will probably be introduced to the game later on.) To upgrade a card, you’ll need the proper amount of duplicates and you’ll also need to spend some gold. Higher-level cards will need more dupes and gold to upgrade, so be sure not to miss out on chests.

Using your cards

Using your cards is easy enough to understand. Gears and attribute cards are automatically picked up while skill cards are stored in skill slots located in the bottom right of the screen alongside your two hero skills. To use the skill, simply tap it. An important thing to remember is that you can ONLY use the skill that is in the farthest right skill slot (excluding hero skills.) If you want to use a different skill, you need to switch its position first by tapping the skill you want to use. This will equip it in the hot slot.

The Wheel of Fate

The Wheel of Fate is a new system being introduced in the alpha test. There are two major factors this system brings. The first one is that it gives heroes the ability to change and choose another path, changing some aspects of the hero including their skill sets, play style, and even their appearance. One example of this is the hero Tutulu. In the previous builds of the game, Tutulu was only known as the Lightning Newt. But since the WoF has been introduced, you can choose a different path for him and make him a Swamp Chief. It’s still Tutulu but with different skill sets and play style. Pretty cool, right?

The second major feature it brings is the ability to customize which cards will be dropped during a match. Cards will still be randomly dropped but at least you’ll have a measure of control on which cards you will most likely get. You can set four different types of cards namely the gears, ultimate, skills, and attributes. The fate isn’t static. You can upgrade it by using crystals which will give your heroes higher stats including physical/magic damage, health, defense and many more.

Now you have a bit more knowledge on how the Card System in Vagary works, you can now use it to customize your cards to bring victory to your team. Vagary is currently in Alpha test right now for Android devices. Anyone can join the test by simply signing up with their Google account (Gmail) to become a tester on the official website. Join now while it’s still open and follow Enduins for the latest updates about Vagary.