World of Dragon Nest Academic class review: Dominate with the power of technology!

Academic Class

World of Dragon Nest (WOD) by Eyedentity Games and Nexon Thailand, has just recently released one of the most anticipated classes in the game: the Academic! With their high tech gigantic cannon and robot companion, they’re set to bring new levels of gameplay to the game! But here’s the big question: how does the Academic stand toe to toe with classes that came first in WOD? Here’s our review of the Academic class!


A soldier from the future

Originally from the future, the Academic is sent on a journey fifty years into the past on a mission to change the events that led to the destruction of Serendia’s realm. The Academic is a master of mid-range fighting armed with high-tech arsenal that allow it to unleash massive damage from cannon shells and grenades with specialized effects as well as cripple enemy movement! It serves as the symbol of the advancement of technology in the future, which it shows off through artillery attacks, alchemic-like warfare, and also through its trusty companion, the mechanical butler Alfredo.

It also has other skills such as crowd control, stun attacks, slow effects, silence, and it possesses the longest ranged attack ever seen in the game, even beating the Archer’s range. It also has amazing skill animation especially when summoning Alfredo or when it shoots down any enemy unlucky enough to be in its crosshairs.

The pros of choosing the Academic Class

  • Academic Artillery – the personal weapon of the Academic, the powerful cannon looks heavy and clunky. But in the right hands, you better run and duck! The best feature of this weapon is the unlimited ammo and a range that completely overshadows the Archer’s. It gives the Academic massive firepower and can deal damage from a safe distance.
  • Kabbalah – Better known as the Alchemy Gun, this weapon has various uses but its most stand out feature is its ability to combine and mix potions, poisons, fire, and ice to dish out elemental damage. To put it simply, not only does it make the Academic a damage dealer, but this also makes it a pseudo-Alchemist!
  • Alfredo the butler – the trusty robot butler, Alfredo is an exclusive support unit for Academics and is one of the big reasons why players choose this class! They can do everything from mowing down multiple enemies with their windmill attacks to firing deadly laser beams! With the mayhem it can cause, the Academic is free to blast its cannon without the worry of getting focused on.
  • Turrets for more firepower – if Alfredo wasn’t enough, Academics can also summon turrets, who are driven by one of Dragon Nest’s mascot, the Crazy Duck. They provide additional firepower, adding to the Academic’s already potent arsenal. And who doesn’t want a crazy looking duck to be on their side?

The cons and what you need to look out for

  • The Academic isn’t the most agile class out there, despite having a long range, archers and slayers trump them with their speed and acrobatic skills. Of course, academics can still go toe to toe with them as long as you know what you need to do.
  • You need to be aware of skills that can disrupt your barrage, especially crowd control AoE skills since they can sweep your turrets and Alfredo.
  • Another thing to look out for is status ailments. The Sorcerer class excels in this which can greatly hinder the Academic’s capabilities. Don’t forget that you also have your own set of abnormal status dishing skills. Learn to use this to greatly increase your chance of winning both in PvP and PvE.

The Academic is an absolutely fun class to play. Like all other classes in WOD, it has its strong and weak points and it all comes down to you, the player, and how much effort you are willing to give to master this class. If you like high tech weapons, an arsenal of gadgets to play with, and want a robot butler of your own, the Academic class is the one for you!

Along with the release of the Academic, World of Dragon Nest has also updated the game with new content. The max character level has increased from level 50 to 70, with an added role skill for every level 70 character. It has also extended the story mode Episode 4 with two new exciting chapters – the Dark Nest Vein and Hell Nest Manticore. There’s also a new level of gear Green Dragon, a new mount Wild Cat, and so much more! Plus, on March 2, 2020, be prepared for its special event with rewards worth up to $30,000.00! The game is available for both Google Play Store and App Store here