World of Dragon Nest: Everything you need to know

World of Dragon Nest Features

Ah, World of Dragon Nest. To say that it is one of the most hotly-anticipated mobile games is pure understatement. The game’s following is massive, and after it was announced last month that Nexon Thailand had finally gotten the rights to publish it in Southeast Asia, fans have been salivating over its impending launch! 


And boy do we have some good news for you! Enduins was able to interview the game’s original developers – Eyedentity Games! And you’ll be able to read all the juicy information we’ve been dying to know about the World of Dragon Nest! So sit back, relax, and grab some snacks and read on below!

*some statements were slightly revised for brevity*

Game updates:

Enduins: What made you decide to make Dragon Nest transition from being a dungeon-based game to an open-world one?

  • Eyedentity: “And though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end would greatly increase.” We believe these words reflect the World of Dragon Nest. At the beginning of developing the game, we tried to find possibilities to move into the ‘open world’ in the market. As the developers of ‘Dragon Nest Online’, we thought turning the Dragon Nest IP, which is an action game, to become ‘open world’ but it was nearly impossible as this feature is very hard to develop.
  • However, we try to seek the possibilities to push Dragon Nest IP further and turn it to an ‘open world’ no matter how hard or how much time it takes to develop. Finally, we can make it come true and make (an open world) World of Dragon Nest that everyone knows.

Enduins: What does WoDN have to offer that will make players stick to the game?

  • Eyedentity: The key to World of Dragon Nest is the ‘Action’ and ‘Story’ which is also the core of DN lore. But if we focus on the content, it should be ‘Skill’ and ‘Quest’ which will be the main content of the new Dragon Nest IP.
  • We categorized how to make players stick to the game into three phrases: short-term, mid-term and long-term. For short-term we believe if we drive users to have a good experience with varying skills, experience, and exciting combat system, users will enjoy it. So we plan to develop a new system called ‘Swap skill’ for the basic combat system in which users can use a total of 14 skills in combat.
  • For the mid-term, we try to present the ‘Story’ which is renewed from the original story of ‘Dragon Nest Online’. And for the long-term, we plan to serve new content such as huge nests that need a huge number of users to challenge.

Game features:

Enduins: When WoDN was announced a few years back, cross-platform support was mentioned for the game. Will it still have it when it launches?

  • Eyedentity: On the development side, Eyedentity is capable to do the cross-platform. But at this time, we think that it would be more important to ‘choose and focus’ on the mobile version first. Most of the games that have cross-platform were trying to add too much on their plate. However, they couldn’t do both well.
  • The developers have a strong desire to deliver high-quality gaming content which focuses on Mobile platforms first. In the future, we might discuss the overall aspects of the PC Platform service again.

Enduins: Can you tell us more about the new exclusive class that will be introduced in WoDN?

  • Eyedentity: Yes! We’ll have a new exclusive class in World of Dragon Nest since we are on development progress. But we believe that players will enjoy playing the familiar class in the brand-new system and new environment first. The exclusive class will be disclosed later.

Enduins: Dragon Nest has already established a huge world. Since this new game is now in an open world setting, are we going to venture off to new lands? Will the game expand on this?

  • Eyedentity: World of Dragon Nest begins with the word ‘IF’. If you are a player who has experience in Dragon Nest Online, you may have thought of what ‘IF’ the heroes of the story chose another path, would the story be changed? That is the beginning of World of Dragon Nest. 
  • The main characters, the NPCs, the town, the background theme that you experienced, and some events from other Dragon Nest versions will be in World of Dragon Nest too. Besides, in World of Dragon Nest, you will meet new characters, new events that were inspired by the concept of “a future that has been changed”. 

Enduins: Can you tell us more about WoDN’s multiverse?

  • Eyedentity: WODN’s setting is many years after the original Dragon Nest’s story. The story started with the collapse of the future world. One of the last survivors, Velskud, returned to the past with the help of the Goddess ‘Lunaria’ to save the world.
  • This time Velskud did not keep the Black Dragon Jade to himself but he gave it to Geraint. Velskud thought that the world will not be destroyed if Geraint and Argenta are kept alive. But Velskud did not expect that the old world would be twisted and turned by the new enemies that did not exist before.

Enduins: What brand new features will be introduced for Dragon Nest and which ones will be retained?

  • Eyedentity: We proudly present the new features ‘Swap Weapon’ where players can swap their weapons freely and each weapon will have a different set of skills including an ultimate skill that you can execute to overkill monsters or bosses. To avoid infinite combo juggling, there will be a cooldown period after each swap, so players must plan their tactic wisely on how to use the weapon skills plus normal attack, to continue combos.

Enduins: Will the game offer multiple viewing options? (Fixed, 2.5 angles, 360° world view, etc.)

  • Eyedentity: From our original development plan, we would like to deliver the same experience as its original version ‘Dragon Nest Online’ which is a 3D camera. But we are considering to add other angles of view too.

Enduins: Will there be a trading system in-game? (Market, player to player trade)

  • Eyedentity: Yes, we will definitely have an auction house feature. You can see it in the game when you join our CBT phase!


Enduins: Will there be a variety of Mini games to play?

  • Eyedentity: Actually, those mini-games are in our plans too, but we cannot tell you in-depth detail about that now, so please see it by joining our CBT phase.

Enduins: Previous DN titles that came to mobile were, sad to say, plagued with cheats and hacks. Have you added any measures to counter this in WoDN?

  • Eyedentity: We plan on developing real-time security to prevent this issue and we are focusing on this issue seriously.

Enduins: Will it be free to play friendly?

  • Eyedentity: We believe that free to play users can enjoy our game as we have many contents and reward systems to support them.

Enduins: Mobile games have been a bit infamous for being “pay to win”. How do you plan to counter this?

  • Eyedentity: The game structure will not fully support ‘pay to win’ only, so free to play users can be top tier players without much difficulty if they understand the game system and play harder. Everyone can enjoy the game without paying but please don’t forget to support us. Haha!

So there you have it! A very detailed account of what we can expect from the World of Dragon Nest from the original developers of the franchise themselves! And we’re not done yet, as we have a second part to this interview that contains all the details about its release period! So go ahead and read Part 2 of our interview for all the launch goodies!