Eyedentity Games reveals plans for World of Dragon Nest game launch

World of Dragon Nest Release

The mobile MMO world is about to get shookt! That’s because the original developers of Dragon Nest, Eyedentity Games, just announced the launch period of its much-awaited World of Dragon Nest! 


Eyedentity Games revealed the period along with tons of new information about the game in an interview with Enduins recently. We won’t bore you with more introduction, read on to find out the details! 

Beta Phase Information:

Enduins: Will there be a closed beta test phase coming first before the actual launch?

  • Eyedentity: We are definitely planning for Closed Beta tests pretty soon. Please bear with us if you find bugs or other unpolished work – both Eyedentity and Nexon Thailand will work hard to make the game ready for open beta.

 Game Mechanics:

Enduins:  Will there be a VIP system?

  • Eyedentity: The game does not have VIP System : )

Enduins: Will the game limit what you can do on a daily basis by implementing a stamina system?

  • Eyedentity: The ‘Open World’ content and Nest can play freely without any stamina system.
  • The game will have some content that uses stamina to play but ‘stamina’ will not reset on a daily basis, instead, it will regenerate as time passes.

Enduins: Will the game be emulator friendly? (Bluestacks, Nox, etc?)

  • Eyedentity: We are focusing on optimizing the game to match with the mobile device first, after that we will consider supporting Emulator which may be before the official launch.

Device Specs:

Enduins: What is the minimum device specifications to run the game?

  • Eyedentity: We are on the optimization process and it is not complete yet. So currently we can’t specify the requirements. But we are cooperating with Nexon Thailand to deliver a good quality game to the Dragon Nest fans and non-fans, and after CBT we will continue optimizing this part.

Game Launch Information:

Enduins: When can we expect World of Dragon Nest to land?

  • Eyedentity: Within Q4 2019 : )

Enduins: Which regions will World of Dragon Nest release first?

  • Eyedentity: We will launch in SEA countries first.

Enduins: What languages will World of Dragon Nest support?

  • Eyedentity: The game will support English, Thai, and Bahasa Indonesia.

Enduins: Are you going to launch the iOS and Android version at the same time?

  • Eyedentity: Of course! Please stay tuned to play World of Dragon Nest both iOS and Android at the same time. By the way, you can follow our WODN Facebook page to get fresh news weekly! We just open the page today, so please support WODN and Nexon Thailand. Thank you!

There you have it, folks! With all these information given to us, we can already picture what the game would and could be. We might just be looking at the next big mobile MMO hit of 2019. Are you stoked for World of Dragon Nest? We definitely are! We can’t wait to test out the game once CBT starts. Stay tuned for more updates and follow Enduins for more gaming news and information!