Moonlight Sculptor: Guide and Tips for new players

Moonlight Sculptor is a charming little mobile MMORPG by Kakao Games. With its chibi characters and clean graphics, it has won the hearts of mobile MMORPG enthusiasts everywhere. But of course, since it’s an MMO, there’s a lot of mechanics behind it. It is bound to have some features that have a bit of a learning curve.


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This guide will help you start your journey in Moonlight Sculptor in the right direction by teaching you the basic functions you absolutely need to know plus tips and tricks to make your character leveling go well in the game.


When you first join the game, you can choose among a selection of 6 classes(jobs).

  • Warrior – A melee class that wields 2-handed weapons to deliver heavy strikes. They are the de-facto front liners in the game that has decent damage and defense. Their main stats are STR, DEX, and CON.
  • Mage – Utilizes high intelligence to conjure all sorts of elemental magic. Their main role is to this out damage on a large scale relying on elemental magic and AoE spells. Their main stats are INT and WIS.
  • Archer – The ranged class that fights in tandem with tamed monsters. This is the only class that can utilize tamed pets in combat. Their main stats are CHA and DEX.
  • Paladin – Protects allies from hostile forces as a disciple of the goddess Freya. The main support class in the game and also an off-tank. Their main stats are CON and STR.
  • Alchemist – Fights with the power of various chemicals and homunculus. A unique class that focuses on science rather than magic. They have a lot of status-inducing skills. Their main stats are WIS and INT.
  • Sculptor – An exclusive class that can be unlocked if you chose to pick a class later in the game. Their main stats are STR and DEX.


A space to view Skills/Level Ups/Passive Skills. Learn skills and perform level ups to use even more powerful skills.

  • Access Method – Skills can be earned in-game by completing certain quests. If you want to find out more about your skills or the quests you need to complete to learn certain skills, please open the skill menu at the top right of the screen.

  • Combat Skills – Combat Skills are basically the active skills that you can cast or execute. Tap the skill then tap the desired slot at the bottom to place the skill in the slot.

  • Continuous skills – Continuous skills are skills that always remain in effect.

  • Skill Level Ups and Upgrades – Skill books and bold obtained from adventures and quests can be used as basic material for increasing a skill’s level. Once a skill reaches level 9, you can spend Essences of Enlightenment and Gold upgrading it to an even more powerful skill.


  • Equipment Specialization – Players can specialize with a specific weapon, making your character deadlier and giving them a boost in damage output. The unique ability of an equip location can be enchanted by using equipment with matching equip location as material.

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  • Equipment Modification – Focuses more on enchanting, and granting upgrades to your gear will further bolster your strength. Obtained equipment can be modified freely by Enchanting, Option Transmutation/Granting, etc. Equipment modification can also be used to produce further upgraded equipment.

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  • Crafting – Various equipment, cooking, and sculpting items that are needed as you progress through the game can be crafted yourself. As the Crafting Lv. grows, you can craft items of greater value.

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  • The World Map and its functions – The World Map is a map where you can view the locations of all in-game regions, terrains, NPCs, available quests, and more.

  • Pets System – Progressing through the game will eventually allow you to learn the skill to tame pets. When summoned, pets will assist in combat, and their skills or abilities will be enhanced as their XP increases.

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  • Codex System – The Codex is a collection of information on monsters, equipment, and so forth according to each region. Increase the Codex’s completion to obtain Codex Collection Rewards. Access and view the Codex by tapping the “Codex” icon in the top-right menu of the main screen.

  • Sculptures – You can further increase your character’s performance by equipping Sculpture Pieces imbued with special stats. Sculpture Pieces can be separated into Sunlight Piece (Attack), Moonlight Piece (Defense), and Starlight Piece (Support).

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  • Homestead – As you progress the main questline, you get your own house! A space for you to build, decorate, and manage a house of your very own within the game. You can decorate your home to suit your personality with various wallpapers, carpets, and furniture. You can also display ‘Sculptures’ to receive additional effects.


  • Guild System and Guild Wars – Create or join a guild to go on adventures with other adventurers. A guild’s level and Fame can be increased through Guild Missions, and various buff effects from the Guild Shop can be enjoyed according to the guild level. Also, don’t forget to participate in a thrilling Guild War with other guilds!

  • Raids – You can challenge dungeons containing powerful monsters that unlock at specific times. Cooperate with multiple adventurers to hunt for monsters and obtain special rewards Upon reaching character level 40, you will proceed with a tutorial and the Raid menu will be unlocked.

  • Battlefield of Valor – This PvP content takes place every Sunday. Your Duel Arena Rank must be within the TOP 100 to participate, and Finals are held after concluding with the Preliminaries. Only adventurers within rank 100 in the Duel Arena can participate in the Battlefield of Valor.


  • Request Board – The request board is the daily missions you can pick up and accomplish. Request Board opens at level 27. You can finish a total of 10 requests per day. You can gain experience, gold, and other useful goodies when accomplishing boards. Keep in mind that Requests is one of the major sources of XP when starting out in the game so be sure to do them daily.

  • Daily Dungeons – Offers different playstyle and rewards on a daily basis. You can enter once per day. Using Butterflies increases the reward chances. This dungeon is available once your character reaches level 30.

  • Chaotic Entrance – Completing this dungeon rewards you with various equipment, Option Stones, Enchant Scrolls, and more. You need Chaotic Entrance Tickets to enter. This dungeon is available once your character reaches level 35.

  • Mirkhan Tower – Each floor provides you with a goal. Once you have completed the goal of a floor, the next floor unlocks. Your character must have the Mysterious Curse de-buff to successfully complete a set goal. This dungeon can be completed once per day when your character reaches level 80. The more floors you complete, the better your rewards!

  • Twisted Abyss– Reach level 100 to unlock the Twisted Abyss, where you can join forces with party members to defeat even stronger bosses and obtain rewards. You can enter with party members, and the recommended number of players is 4. All party members must have an Entry Ticket to enter the Twist Abyss.

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We hope that these guides will help you on your epic journey in Moonlight Sculptor. The game is available now on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Now go forth with the knowledge you gained and become a legend in your right!