Moonlight Sculptor: How to Craft your own equipment, weapons, potions & more!

Moonlight Sculptor the brand new mobile MMORPG from Kakao Games Global and XL Games. The game is fairly straightforward and easy to learn, but there are still elements in the game that need a bit of time to learn to make the best out of your time in the game. In this guide, we’ll talk about crafting.


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Various equipment, cooking, and sculpting items that are needed as you progress through the game can be crafted yourself. As your crafting level grows, you can craft items of greater value.

Crafting Tools

Crafting tools are located nearby the corresponding NPC in charge of the equipment or cooking. In the World Map, tap the NPC in charge of what you want to craft to immediately move your character to them and the crafting equipment.

Crafting Method

Tap the “Crafting Tool” to open a “Crafting” screen where you can craft the item yourself.

Sculpture” items can be crafted by request by tapping a Sculptor NPC. As you progress through the game, you can learn the skills to craft sculptures yourself through quests.

Crafting types

Items that can be crafted include Pieces, Cooking, Weapons, Armor, and more. As you progress through the game, you can collect a wider variety of materials to craft a wide range of different items.

[Armor Crafting]

[Weapon Crafting]

[Alchemy Crafting]

Crafting Level Growth

Crafting items have a unique level depending on its type, and the level grows as you craft more items and gains experience (XP). The higher the Lv, the greater the chances of crafting higher value “Great Success” and “Fine” items.

The cooking level can be raised through “Culinary Research”. Submit up to 4 ingredient materials to attempt a whole new recipe, unlike the ones you already know. If successful, you can obtain a new recipe and XP.

Crafted Item Effects

Depending on the crafted item, you may receive additional unique effects when it is used. In the case of “Sculptures”, its effects can be further enhanced through “Polishing” after it has been crafted.

Cooking and Sculptures items have additional unique effects depending on the item crafted. Effects for Cooking items last for a certain duration when used, and additional effects for Sculptures may be received continuously after they are installed.

Crafting has a chance to result in a Great Success, and Great Success items have greater additional effects. Crafting sculptures has a chance to produce Fine, Superb, and Masterpiece results, and you can display these sculptures to receive greater effects compared to Average sculptures.

The grade of crafted sculptures can be upgraded through the “Grade Up” system. Use the Grade Up system to upgrade sculptures from Masterpiece to Transcendent.

Submit Loot items in the Grade Up screen to upgrade a sculpture’s quality. When Max Quality is reached, submit Grade Up materials to perform a Grade Up.

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