Moonlight Sculptor Equipment Modification: How to enchant, fuse, transmute & dismantle items

Not to be confused with Equipment Specialization, Equipment Modification focuses more on enchanting, and granting upgrades to your gear will further bolster your strength in Moonlight Sculptor. Here’s a quick guide on everything you need to know to get you started on modifying your gear.


Moonlight Sculptor Inventory Guide: Click here


Obtained equipment can be modified freely by Enchanting, Option Transmutation/Granting, etc. Equipment modification can also be used to produce further upgraded equipment. Access by tapping the “Equipment Modification” icon at the top-right menu of the main screen.


Enchant Equipment allows you to improve equipment in stages, resulting in increased unique stats.

  • Select the equipment to be enchanted then use Enchant Scrolls and Gold to enchant the equipment.
    • Important note: Use Blessed Enchant Scrolls to enchant by up to 2 levels.
    • You’ll have a 100% success rate up to stage 3 Enchants, but there will be a chance to fail starting from beyond stage 3
  • Enchantment has a rate of success and starting from +10 the enchanting stage does not drop below 10.
  • Important note: Check the box for Use Enchant Protectant to keep the enchanting stage from dropping upon failure.


Enchant Transfer allows you to transfer the equipment’s stage level to another equipment.

Enchant Transfer using equipment that has been enchanted to +10 and higher can be performed by selecting “Min Enchant Transfer” for a +0 piece of equipment of the same type.

Important information to remember:

  • Equipment for receiving Enchant Transfer is only activated as Target Equipment if it is of a higher grade and has not been enchanted.
  • The transfer is only possible if the 2 pieces of equipment used to perform a transfer are of the same type. Ex. Staff → Staff = O / Staff → Two-Handed Sword = X
  • The consumed quantity of [ Burning Water / Gold / White Lunarium] items required for transfer changes the higher the Min Enchant Transfer is set.


Dismantle allows you to break down unused equipment into materials and items such as Option Stones and Steel. Materials obtained through dismantling can be utilized for crafting and equipment modification.

Select a grade for items to be dismantled to batch-dismantle all pieces of equipment of that grade.


Fusion allows you to combine 3 Option Stones of the same Grade together to obtain a new Option Stone.

Option Transmutation 

If you want to change the options of a piece of equipment, the selected equipment’s options can be changed by spending Gold. When performing Transmute, all options from the ‘Transmutable Options’ list are changed at random.

Granting Options 

Grant Option allows you to either change the stats of equipment to another option or add it to another empty slot. You can tap on an available option slot or tap on the existing extra stats of the equipment you would like to use the Grant Option on, and then place the Option Stone and material to grant the option.

Granting options costs Gold and Lunarium of the same equipment grade.

Granting options cost Gold and Lunarium of the same equipment grade, and Lunarium fragments obtained by dismantling equipment can be crafted into Lunarium by using the Crafting Table of a village.


Equipment Customization is a feature that allows you to make a specific item unique to yourself, while boosting its stats by 20%.

Note: You’ll need Butterflies to customize equipment to be unique. Once an equipment is customized, it cannot be sold at the Exchange and it cannot be equipped on other characters, so beware!