Moonlight Sculptor Guide: What is Equipment Specialization?

In Moonlight Sculptor, you won’t just wield a weapon. You can also specialize with them as well, making your character deadlier and giving them a boost in damage output. Here’s a quick guide on Equipment Specialization.


Moonlight Sculptor Inventory Guide: Click here

Equipment Specialization 

You can use Equipment Specialization to improve equipment you otherwise do not need. Equipment can be specialized by pressing the “Equipment Specialization” button in the menu.

  • The unique ability of an equip location can be enchanted by using equipment with matching equip location as material.
  • A different unique ability is enchanted for each location, and the more pieces of high-grade equipment submitted, the greater the degree of enchantment.


Equipment can be selected individually by tapping the desired piece of equipment, but equipment of certain grades can be batch-selected.

Undo the checkboxes of hard-to-acquire “Heroic/ Legendary/ Enchanted Equipment” to prevent them from being accidentally used as material.