Moonlight Sculptor Codes: Free items you can redeem right now

Looking for Moonlight Sculptor coupon codes that actually work? You’re in the right place! With a successful launch and a steadily growing community, the devs figured that they’d give a pretty sweet gift for all active players: redeemable coupon codes! Don’t forget that we update this article every time a free coupon code gets announced so be sure to check back from time to time.


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Follow this article to understand everything you need to know about Moonlight Sculptor free codes, how to use them, and where to get more codes! 


Moonlight Sculptor codes are redeemable codes that offer players in-game rewards. They contain just about anything available in the game of Moonlight Sculptor, from gold or enchantment scrolls, exclusive items like pet eggs, or even costumes. The game is currently in its first week so there’s bound to be more coupon codes coming in the future.


  • Breezy1 – contains a Breezy Travel Wear (good for 6 days)
  • Breezy2 – contains a Breezy Hat (good for 6 days)
  • Breezy3 – contains a Breezy Gloves (good for 6 days)

NEW CODES: (MAY 29, 2021)

  • ArpenKingdom – 50,000 Gold
  • GoddessVersa – Versa’s Grace (20 Min)
  • LegendarySculptor – 50pcs Red Butterfly

Moonlight Sculptor coupon codes are only valid for a certain time. This means that once the time for the costumes have expired, they will no longer be available and will be permanently deleted. Think of them as trial costumes, so don’t forget to grab them now while they are still available.

To avoid any errors while using the codes, please make sure that you input them using their exact format. This includes capital letters and small letters.


There are 2 methods available to redeem these codes. Whichever method you choose, you’ll still receive the gifts and they will go straight to your game account once you redeem them.

Method 1: How to redeem the Moonlight Sculptor coupon codes inside the game.

  1. Launch the Moonlight Sculptor app.
  2. Tap the main menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the top right corner.
  3. From there, locate the “Settings” button and tap it.
  4. Once inside the settings menu, locate the “Account” button and tap it.
  5. Once inside the Account menu, locate the “Coupon” button and tap it.
  6. Enter your coupon code in the Text Box and select “Confirm”.
  7. Enjoy your gift.

Method 2: How to redeem the Moonlight Sculptor coupon codes through the official Moonlight Sculptor Redeem Page website.

  1. Open Kakao Game’s official Moonlight Sculptor redeem code page by following this link.
  2. Choose your region (Asia, America, or Europe).
  3. Type in your User Number. You can locate this by opening your game and going to settings. It is also advisable to make notes or save your user number in case you get hacked or lose your account.
  4. Input your coupon codes and press “Redeem”
  5. Enjoy your gift.


Moonlight Sculptor coupon codes are released on their official websites and social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and their Discord channel. Usually, games give away coupon codes on special occasions like special events, or if the game reached special milestones, even festivals and holidays. Be sure to keep an eye and ear out for those announcements.

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