Albion Online free to play

Fantasy sandbox MMORPG, Albion Online is now free to play!

Cross-platform sandbox MMORPG, Albion online switches business model and goes free to play.
Real life battle royale

A millionaire is trying to make a real-life battle royale game

A millionaire gamer who is an avid fan of battle-royale games wants to put up a real-life version in a private island.

Garena to publish Call Of Duty: Mobile in SEA! Pre-registration now up!

Garena announces that they will publish Call of Duty: Mobile for Taiwan and the rest of Southeast Asia.
Cabal Mobile FAQs

Cabal Mobile FAQs: Everything you need to know

Read our latest FAQ on Cabal M to get the latest information about this much-anticipated MMO that’s slated to take mobile gaming by storm.
Dragon Raja 2 mobile game

PC MMORPG Dragon Raja gets mobile version with Dragon Raja 2

Online PC MMORPG Dragon Raja is trying its hand on mobile again with the new Dragon Raja 2 for mobile.
mmorpg Rappelz online SEA

Classic MMO Rappelz Online to be revived by Playpark

Another classic PC MMORPG, this time Rappelz Online, is making a comeback after being announced by new publisher PlayPark.

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