Tuesday, April 7, 2020
Demon Hunter

The Hearthstone Demon Hunter Prologue content is now live to download and play on...

AKG Games and Blizzard Entertainment announces the arrival of the new Demon Hunter cards set in Hearthstone alone with the start of the prologue event.

Minecraft Dungeon, Minecraft-themed multiplayer dungeon crawler to officially launch on May 26

Mojang Studios announces Minecraft Dungeons will be available soon, a stand-alone multiplayer dungeon crawler RPG scheduled to be released on May 26 for PC, consoles, and Nintendo Switch.

World Health Organization is advising people to stay indoors and play video games

The World Health Organization gave the advice to stay indoors and play video games to slow the spread of COVID-19 despite previously labeling gaming as a disease.
Genshin Impact CBT

Open-World ARPG Title ‘Genshin Impact’ Confirms Mar 19 as Next Closed Beta Date

Genshin Impact, highly anticipated 3D ARPG by miHoYo announces new Closed Beta Testing to be scheduled on March 19, with new unlocked area, Liyue Harbor.

Sea Limited, Garena and Shopee’s parent company posts $1.46 billion net loss for 2019

Sea Limited, parent company of games provider Garena and e-commerce site Shopee have posted their fourth Quarterly earnings for 2019, reveals $1.46 billion net loss.
Marvel Future Revolution MMORPG

Marvel Future Revolution: Marvel’s First 3D Open World MMORPG on Mobile

Netmarble and Marvel Games announces Marvel Future Revolution, an upcoming brand new MMORPG for mobile set in the Marvel Multiverse.

New Mobile Games