Microsoft Windows 11 will be able to run Android apps, will this be the end of emulators?

Men wearing headphones playing video games late at night

Microsoft had a big week with the announcement of the new Windows 11, and surprisingly, it came with an awesome treat for Android users: the OS will be able to run Android Apps.


The info was revealed during the company’s Windows Event where they explained that Android apps can be download via the Amazon App Store which you can download through the new Microsoft Store. Android apps you’ve downloaded will be fully integrated into your Windows 11 OS and will function just like your Windows Apps. You can even put them on your taskbar if needed.

The plan to add Android apps to Windows has been in the works for a very long time, a decade in fact. If you’ve been following the evolution of smartphones, you’d remember that Windows tried to dive into that before, but failed to attract app developers. But they’ve since changed strategies by integrating your existing smartphone into your PC with apps like “Your Phone” which eventually paved the way to what we have now.

How will Android Apps work on Windows 11 PC?

According to IntelWindows 11 “will not be dependent on an Android device being synced with your PC. Instead, the apps will run natively on them using Intel’s Bridge technology; a runtime post-compiler that enables applications to run natively on x86-based devices, including running those applications on Windows.”

Instead of trying to make Microsoft versions of the apps, the company and Intel teamed up to make Android apps work directly on Windows instead. This means that 10th gen and 11th gen Intel Processors as well as AMD and Arm chips will be supported.

The basic gist is that Microsoft adjusted themselves for Android apps instead of the other way around which makes more sense.

What does this mean for PC and Android users?

Well, for one thing, this is such a piece of significant news that it may possibly change the way we use our PC and smartphones. This merge will open up a ton of opportunities for more productivity, entertainment, and of course, gaming. You might be able to play your favorite mobile games on PC when the time comes. We may even see the day that we won’t need emulators anymore. Have a low spec smartphone but you have a decent laptop or PC? You might be able to play triple-A mobile game titles all in ultra settings with a buttery smooth FPS. the possibilities are huge.

The full details on how Microsoft will go about all of this are still a bit unclear right now, but what we do know that the apps won’t be limited to what the Amazon App has to offer. Hopefully, Microsoft will reveal more details soon.